Another addition to the very artful month of August is… my own exhibition! My very first solo exhibition that is. Thanks to Nin Djani of Suar Artspace for giving me this opportunity. 

Having my own exhibition is a pretty challenging task, yet very intriguing. After extensive “discussions”, I decided to have “Tukang Jangan Ditinggal” as the title and theme of my exhibition. Why Tukang? Because i deal with them on everyday basis…  They are there, they help and they fix my problems…. Yet for many as if they didnt exist. Tukang is a “man of service”.  So I thought to myself, why not put them in the spotlight for once?

For this exhibition, I brought along Pak Tasman. He fixes shoes for a living (tukang sol), and I am one of his devoted customers. Aside from bringing his own tools, he also brought some of his tools and props including the shoes that he has fixed. Other than Pak Tasman, at the end of the exhibition there will be other “Tukangs”, such as permak Levi’s (a guy that fixes jeans) and Patri. It’s like a little marketplace, a one-stop place for you to get your belongings fixed!

And… You have probably noticed by now that I haven’t mentioned any of my Jakarta Vintage items being exhibited… because I didn’t intend to exhibit them 😉 I learned a thing or two about how well my love for vintage items and the profession of tukang correlates along the process of exhibition. We both are not consumptive, we both believe that renewing items and making old items useful again are probably the right thing to do. Which means that we’re both eco-friendly, we don’t throw away things, we just make them new again.

Anyway, my exhibition still runs until September 6th at Suar Artspace, Lebak Bulus. Do drop by and check out the Tukangs! Their work often gets unnoticed, this exhibition is like an ode from me to them, here’s a chance for you to thank them too, Tukang Jangan Ditinggal! 😉