Jakarta Vintage


Welcome to Prawirotaman!

Perhaps the first thing that pops in mind when you hear the name “Jalan Prawirotaman” in Yogya is backpackers, but did you know that it’s also home to antique stores?

The thing about vintage hunting in Prawirotaman is that you’ll need strong legs that can take you from corner to corner since the stores are scattered between houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels along the street. Well, of course to put it into a positive light, whenever you’re tired from all those walking you can always drop by, sit back and have some coffee in one of the cafes!

Anyway, you can expect to find statuettes and sculptures made of wood, stones, copper and Javanese/Madurese/ethnic furniture. You can also find useful remnants from old houses such as window sills, door frames, doors, windows, credenzas, and pillars – if you’re building a house and in need of some vintage, ethnic touch, then I’d highly recommend you to hunt in this area.

Yogyakarta’s Jalan Prawirotaman is home to lots of vintage treasures, but I hope one day they can be more organised just like Solo’s Pasar Triwindu and Jakarta’s Jalan Surabaya.

Ethnic chic findings
You all know how I feel about antlers so I don’t need to elaborate more on these two…
Like like like!


Even after countless visits, this special region is one of the places that never cease to inspire me. During my last trip, I decided to explore the hidden treasures of Yogyakarta and I found it in Pakualaman, at the residence of a friend. Since he is an antique collector as well as an art director, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his home will possess a very personal, unique aesthetic. Nevertheless, I was very impressed by this house, even before I stepped a foot inside! It’s actually a newly built house but all the materials are antiques and/or vintage:the door and window frames, even the pillars! And when “advance technology” is added, like the Cap Kunci floor tiles, the vintage-ness of its design is ensured. It’s hard to choose which piece of furniture is my favourite, … because I like everything!

Corner perfection…
Behind these closed doors… is a homey palace.
Cannot decide my favourite piece in this particular ensemble!
…and yet another corner perfection!
A lovely touch with the bell and the glass lamp!

Vintage Houses: Keep Calm and Stay Vintage

To me there are houses and there are homes. You know the difference. Then there are these houses. I have seen houses like these in Menteng, Kebayoran Baru, and in Bandung, Bogor, Medan, Malang, and Yogjakarta. They are not too big, not too small either, nor they come in dashing…

colors. They are not  overly ornamented and definitely not minimalist. They are just right. I don’t know about you but there is a sense of peacefulness, calmness and ‘homeyness’ when i see these houses. Is it the design, the location, or I am just being nostalgic and childish. I just hope they stay this way for long amid the invasion of impersonal mass-clusivity. Have your say and share with me.  PEACE

This house has a huge green space, most likely owned by a VIP during the 50’s.

Porch in the front — a typical house in the 50’s and 60’s.

The use of natural materials such as stones painted in black and white calls for a nostalgic feeling.

Green on green, very nice. Look at the little details in the window and wall.

Even the garage looks iconic with sculptural window and top.

Simple and unpretentious style.

Note: Thanks to Anindita for sharing her view on these vintage houses. All houses are located in Yogjakarta, the owners have no idea their beautiful houses were shot and featured here. Apologies and thanks. Keep them vintage.