Jakarta Vintage

Reuse Art At Alun Alun Indonesia: Video

Hi, I would like to thank everyone who came to see this event, very well appreciated. As for those who have not had a chance to see, just relax, you have plenty of time until Sept 9 when the event will end.  And for those who is super busy or simply too lazy to leave your homey space, this is a sneak peek video for you, shot and edited by Ozi. Happy watching, lets re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose as the exhibition tries to convey,  and have a restful weekend everyone:)

Finding Vintage in Kemang

Is it just me and my vintage-oriented eyes or is vintage suddenly everywhere you go in Jakarta? Well, maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just in Kemang. Well maybe it’s just in those two places that I recently visited: Common People Eatery & Bar and Cafe Mondo, both in Kemang. Offering different kind of cuisines, they have one thing in common: both offering vintage feel and ambience in their interior. While Mondo goes vintage all the way– I would say Indonesian vintage, Common People uses vintage-inspired pieces quite lightly and …uncommonly– a bit industrial, dark and modern.  Look at the pictures here. Both I like. Viva vintage.

Jalan Surabaya in Video

Kariim sent me a video of our trip to Jalan Surabaya several weeks ago. You know what the place has to offer, well practically anything antique and vintage, however our visit somehow focused only on vinyls, turntables and cassettes, as you can see in the video. Not exactly doing justice to the place, but through this video I hope you can get the picture of what this famous place looks like. Kariim shot, developed and edited it all by himself, with a little help from the legendary Rolling Stones’ song: Hand of Fate. Have a good week ahead everyone.

My Hunting Field 3: Blok M Square

Yes, this unassuming mall is my other hunting ground which i frequently visit, mostly during my lunch break. Here I can spoil my vintage appetite for old books, vintage comics and secondhand magazines as well as cassettes, CD, turntable, vinyl, poster, and some other stuff such as suitcases. With Jakarta’s unfriendly weather and traffic…

…it’s good to have an option to vintage hunt in an air-conditioned space and with conveniences of a mall. Perhaps this rather fancy place is more suitable for –dare I say– the vintage passionistas  (Maribelle, I love your term!).

Old books, secondhand books and magazines they are all here, no more need to be upset when your friends never return them to you.

Omen, a familiar face in the basement 2, specialising in vintage suitcases, vinyls, cassettes, among others.

So if you are in the neighborhood and crave for a quick bite, drop by at Blok M Square. They have hundreds of eating places, cafes, restaurants, as well as ATM arcade, salon, drugstores, hypermarket, well practically everything. As for me the vintage stuff in the basement is my treat. Happy Tuesday!

My Hunting Field 1: Taman Puring

My first encounter with Taman Puring began five years ago when i was into collecting cassettes of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pop music. Back then I never really noticed what other stuff this place has to offer. Until i met my best friend Ika last year–– who introduced me and literally took me to the place. (She is herself an Etsy artist, a copy writer, a junker and a picker. Look for her shop vantiani at etsy.com)

Eventually i know that this place is not just selling vintage stuff but also secondhand goods, antiques and practically  anything and everything. Once i saw a used rice cooker being offered among others.

There are two main areas of Taman Puring flea market : the inside, and the outside. In the inside you will find about six permanent shops —mostly specializing in old paintings and chandeliers. While the more fun area is actually located outside, under the tree, on the sidewalk.  Here they sell smaller items such as plates, cups, vases, jewelleries, and as I said : anything and everything. As you can see in the photos here.

Oh there is  actually another area, which is in the second floor of Pasar Taman Puring where all shops specialize on cassettes, CD, laser disc, and vinyls. But that will be featured later.

For those who don’t know where Taman Puring is, please ask Mr Google. If he happens to be inavailable, here is the clue : it is located between Pasar Mayestik and Gandaria. In Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.