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FUTURE VINTAGE : Auction with Sidharta Auctioneer

Hi! Super excited to tell you that I became a curator in Sidharta Auctioneer’s first auction in 2020.
What I am offering in this auction is: art, design and vintage in the form of painting, photography,
chair, porcelain tableware, and other items.

Firstly, I am proud to present to you Jakarta Vintage chairs in collaboration with talented young artists
Mabelle Emeralda and Evan Aditya. They are authentic vintage chairs, made of old teakwood, which
are renovated and refurbished in canvas fabric with modern contemporary artworks by the two
artists. Aside from that, there are also limited edition of fine porcelain tableware collection designed by
me and Jakarta Vintage, as well as some old Chinese glass painted mirrors, and hand illustration
prints taken from old magazine/ newspaper. All these items are for those who want to present
personal style and character in their living space as they are unique décor items.
And for those gentlemen who want to bring out that sartorial style and appreciate fine things in life, we
have vintage men’s watches by luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex as well as more affordable
brands such as Oris, Seiko, Bulova, and Enicar to offer.

Last but not least is our collaboration with the Atreyu Moniaga Project (AMP) which presents
photography works by Atreyu Moniaga himself and contemporary arts by Evan Aditya, Karin
Josephine, Ray Lidya, and Robby Garsia. AMP is an artist management company founded in 2013 by
Atreyu focusing on promoting and managing young artists – mostly illustrators & photographers.

To sum up, may I share personal thought on art: "There is only one credo: choose the ones that make
you happy when you look at it". Happy bidding!


TUKANG JANGAN DITINGGAL – My Very Own Exhibition @ Suar Artspace

Another addition to the very artful month of August is… my own exhibition! My very first solo exhibition that is. Thanks to Nin Djani of Suar Artspace for giving me this opportunity. 

Having my own exhibition is a pretty challenging task, yet very intriguing. After extensive “discussions”, I decided to have “Tukang Jangan Ditinggal” as the title and theme of my exhibition. Why Tukang? Because i deal with them on everyday basis…  They are there, they help and they fix my problems…. Yet for many as if they didnt exist. Tukang is a “man of service”.  So I thought to myself, why not put them in the spotlight for once?

For this exhibition, I brought along Pak Tasman. He fixes shoes for a living (tukang sol), and I am one of his devoted customers. Aside from bringing his own tools, he also brought some of his tools and props including the shoes that he has fixed. Other than Pak Tasman, at the end of the exhibition there will be other “Tukangs”, such as permak Levi’s (a guy that fixes jeans) and Patri. It’s like a little marketplace, a one-stop place for you to get your belongings fixed!

And… You have probably noticed by now that I haven’t mentioned any of my Jakarta Vintage items being exhibited… because I didn’t intend to exhibit them 😉 I learned a thing or two about how well my love for vintage items and the profession of tukang correlates along the process of exhibition. We both are not consumptive, we both believe that renewing items and making old items useful again are probably the right thing to do. Which means that we’re both eco-friendly, we don’t throw away things, we just make them new again.

Anyway, my exhibition still runs until September 6th at Suar Artspace, Lebak Bulus. Do drop by and check out the Tukangs! Their work often gets unnoticed, this exhibition is like an ode from me to them, here’s a chance for you to thank them too, Tukang Jangan Ditinggal! 😉


Last March I launched Mary & Teddy fine porcelain designer tableware collection– a creative collaboration between me and Sango Ceramics, the largest ceramic company in Indonesia. I designed the prints and Sango applied them on their ceramics, that’s how we collaborate.

Mary&Teddy design is inspired by the ceramic dolls that I found at Pasar Cikapundung, Bandung and Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta. I also made a story about it, it’s called Reclaiming the Fun. A little girl named Mary who loves playing the piano, but got distracted by a pony named Teddy! After all Mary is just a little girl who wants to have fun. Mary&Teddy collection was launched at the MOZAIK Indonesia Exhibition early in March. To complete the collection I made Mary&Teddy chair collection too.
If you didn’t get the chance to check them out, here are the photos! Also drop by our showroom since the chairs and the ceramics are available at our showroom.


Earlier this year I went to Semarang, a city rather surprising. I stayed in the Simpang Lima area, got on a Becak and started my adventure in the (extremely) sunny Semarang!

I first visited a beautiful Vihara around Jl. Lombok. It made me feel like I was transported to China! The building was very intricate and beautiful.

Afterwards, I had lunch at Spiegel. A stunning café with an industrial style interior and a view of the Old Town, including the famous Gereja Blenduk! Next, I visited the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, only a 2 minute walk from where I had yummy gelato.

And this is the fun part, another 2 minute walk: flea markets! There are two flea markets, one was near Gereja Blenduk and one was near Tekodeko Koffiehuis. I got a great vintage bag that was made in Denmark! Something I didn’t expect to find in Semarang.

To end the day, I visited the iconic Lawang Sewu. Besides the spooky things that it’s mostly known for, Lawang Sewu has a very long history behind it. Though some of the memories of Lawang Sewu aren’t good ones, the place is phenomenal. I was in such awe because of how remarkable it is. I also advise you to get a tour guide if you actually want to know the history behind Lawang Sewu, the visit would be much more worth it too. At night I had a meal at GOODFELLAS, a restaurant in a beautiful art deco house near Hotel Candi Baru.

One of the most famous sculptures in the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, what do you think?

Great food, great atmosphere, and great places to see. That is what you will get in Semarang. Also to take note, traffic jam is something that you can’t find in Semarang, get a Becak, go around Semarang, be happy!


It’s a bit too late, I know, but a few months back in October, there was a very special exhibition titled “Jalur Rempah”, held at the Museum Nasional and supported by the Jakarta Post. I had the opportunity to join in, I was excited! Especially knowing that the exhibition intends to tell how Indonesia used to capture the world’s attention due to its beauty and its variety of herbs and spices.

How do I take something so important, something so significant in Indonesia’s history and make it into something that we can look back not in anger, not in sadness, but in a delightful way.

From that I decided to combine everything and put something that still shows the beauty of Indonesia and still me. Colorful, bold, vintage, and of course still represents the “Jalur Rempah” of Indonesia. I finally came up with a print, something that I decided to be put on a chair.

The print has pictures of “The Voyagers” and the Herbs and Spices. The voyagers include key figures from across the world that came to Indonesia, such as Vasco Da Gamma (Portugal), Henry Middleton (US), Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal), Cornelis de Houtman (Netherlands), and Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten (Netherlands). Furthermore, the herbs and spices include some of the main herbs and spices that can be found in Indonesia, such as garlic, lime leaves, nutmeg, shallot, red onion, ginger, clove, chili, and turmeric.

The print has pictures of “The Voyagers” and the Herbs and Spices. The voyagers include key figures from across the world that came to Indonesia, such as Vasco Da Gamma (Portugal), Henry Middleton (US), Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal), Cornelis de Houtman (Netherlands), and Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten (Netherlands). Furthermore, the herbs and spices include some of the main herbs and spices that can be found in Indonesia, such as garlic, lime leaves, nutmeg, shallot, red onion, ginger, clove, chili, and turmeric.

To begin with, I already liked the purpose of this exhibition. It gave me a chance to explore.

With that print and the chair that I created, I am hoping that people can remember Indonesia’s history as not something sad and pitiful, but something beautiful. That’s the message that I hope I delivered.

The exhibition ran from 18 October until 25 October 2015. However, it got extended until the 30th! If you haven’t had the chance to see the chair and the prints, just drop by the Jakarta Vintage showroom. Tell me how you like the artwork!


Definitely a must-visit for Instagram darlings and everyone with an eye for vintage beauty and a stomach to fill!

It’s hard to find a flaw in The Bistrot, located just a few steps away from La Favela. Interior-wise, I like everything in this French restaurant. They adopt an industrial vintage appearance with high ceiling and domination of irons, wood and concrete furnishings that look far from shabby (as industrial ‘aesthetic’ tends to be). The Bistrot has a very well-planned interior design, in the sense that everything is neatly put – for example their dining ware set. The juxtaposition of wall décor – from paintings by numbers and photographs, to vintage sewing machine and TV set – adds an artistic polish to the place. Another thing that I like from this place is how they let the candle wax melt and created a beautiful ornament.

And don’t let me start on the chandeliers….

They surely know how to make melted candle wax look far from creepy and instead appears elegant.
I’ve this Berkel Scale in my wish list, if anyone would be kind enough to grant my wish, let me know…
Love theI’ve this Berkel Scale in my wish list, if anyone would be kind enough to grant my wish, let me know… dining set and glassware, I also love their coconut ice cream (not pictured here because I had already finished them!)

Vintage On Weekends

I am happy to share this good news with you: Jakarta Vintage showroom is now open on weekends too! From 10am to 6pm there will always be someone waiting for you at the shop to cater your appetite for cool mid-century chairs and furniture. So just pop in,  my interior designers and  I will be happy to assist you in interior design and decoration need for your home and office. Now you can slot in a friendly visit to the shop at Darmawangsa Square, Basement 47 Kebayoran Baru in your weekend agenda. Thanks to dear friends who has been supporting Jakarta Vintage all this time. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Indonesia Vintage Week in Video

Hi. This is the sneak peek video of the Indonesia Vintage Week held March 27-30 at the Street Gallery Pondok Indah Jakarta. For those who managed to visit, thank you so much. For dear friends who helped and participated in the event, thank you very much. For those who for some reasons missed the event, well, maybe next year. Hopefully. Have a good week ahead everyone.


Jakarta Post on Jakarta Vintage: Oldie But Goodie

Hi. After over a month of hiatus from the blog and you all — it’s really good to be back. My first note is on an article by The Jakarta Post’s JPlus two weeks ago. The two-page coverage is about my house which according to the paper –I quoted here: “displays the perfect mix of good taste, creativity and vintage obsession”. Wow, such a kind write up by Willy Wilson as well as

gorgeous photos by Fransisca Angela. Check it out at thejakartapost.com andhere.

Finding Kimono & Vintage Shops in Kyoto (Part 2)

So you have seen what Rogers vintage shop in Kyoto has to offer. So where did my search of my kimono end? It was in Chicago, at Teramachi shopping arcade, just few shops away from Rogers. Here are i saw sea of used and vintage kimonos — for kids, boys, girls, married women, men, yutaka, along with the belts and other accessories. I spent like one and half hour looking for the “it “komono for my client and I hope the time worth spent. Check out the photos below. The other photos were taken in the first kimono shop that I went to. It’s called Mimoro, on the top list in the google search. The collection here is endless. I was overwhelmed as all the kimonos are “gorgeous, more than kawaii” as the PR lady put it. There is no kimono that I didnt like in the shop but unfortunately my budget was a bit tight, so I had to leave the shop with the hope that I found one with the right price.

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