Jakarta Vintage

Video: Jakarta Vintage At Martha Stewart’s Rumah Inspirasi

The video clip of Jakarta Vintage’s talk show at Rumah Inspirasi two weeks ago is just out in youtube. Thanks to Ozi the one man show guy who did everything for the video  –shooting, directing, and editing. For those who wanted to get the look and feel of the event, have a look at this video.


Finding Vintage Tapestry At Flea Markets

Tapestry, there was time –perhaps between 70’s and 80’s– when every home in Indonesia had it. Framed as hanging decoration, or used as tablecloth, or even as dress. Yes, that was the time when every mother, grand mother, auntie and sister make tapestry as a hobby. And funnily they make almost the same patterns — lady by the window, gentlemen riding horse, lady weaving, and so on. How uniformed! Here are some tapestry decoration which I found randomly in Kebayoran Lama, Taman Puring, and Jalan Riau Bandung. Even more beautiful now that we hardly see it anymore, no?

My Hunting Field 8: Jatinegara

I have for a long time heard about Jatinegara as a flea market spot, but only weeks ago I had a chance to see it myself, thanks to my friend Mbak Tuti who insisted that the place is a must visit for vintage junkies like me. She was right. Like any other flea market, the place offers random items, from camera and painting, to practically anything and everything, and  yes, junks are inclusive. Jatinegara flea market is bigger than Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring, thus it offers more items. Not necessarily better though. But somehow I was lucky to go home with a green ice thermos and some vintage kain ulos. This is the thing with going to a flea market, you dont know what you are going to get and you end up buying things you dont even think you need or want. Happy New Year to all my friends, hope next year is another great year for everyone.


Jakarta Vintage Tour

Our first Jakarta Vintage tour took place yesterday, starting off with what my friend Rima calls “heritage tour” at the National Museum (or Museum Gajah).  Rima thinks it is important for us to get a little history and culture education before we hit the flea market and I couldn’t agree more. Except that we did it only for fifteen minutes, including ten minutes for photo shoots, o dear. Anyway, done with the museum tour, we hit Taman Puring to check out the latest vintage collection there. For my friends Kiki, Rima, Vanda, Ivan, Anna, Geline, Nanang and Andu, this is the first visit to a flea market in Jakarta, well probably to any flea market. And boy how they raid the place in style. Vanda in her red hot mini skirt to show off her curvy legs and Geline came in her new hairdo, fresh from the salon. I trust yesterday was an unforgettable day… especially for the vendors there. The tour ended up with fast breaking in the tasteful, classy restaurant Merah Delima. What a fun and vintageful day yesterday. Enjoy the photos.

Taman Puring: In Video

You have known what Taman Puring has to offer–well practically anything and everything, vintage and not so vintage– but you may be clueless on what the place looks like. So three weeks ago my friend Kariim and I cruised the place and shoot it with his 60D camera. The four minute video was shot, developed, edited by Abdul Kariim Risyad–15 years old– and is now ready for you here. O, the cool music in the video — A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys– is his choice too. Hope you like it, I do. Thanks Kariim!


Guess Who’s On The Cover

When my friend Ika and I found these magazines at Toko Buku Tera, the game has just begun between us: who is that funny looking guy and who is that sexy model kind of game. Hey I like vintage and antique but it doesn’t mean i can recognize Hollywood celebrities from the 50’s you know. Well, not quite true, as I must admit I know some because they are just too famous, not my fault. Let me mention some: Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Rock Hudson, James Dean. The rest I have no clue and I am too lazy to do a little research. So if you know who they are, please let me know so I can get back to Ika and win the guessing game. O by the way, for those who care, Varia was a local entertainment magazine that was popular in 50-70’s. Ciao

The Objects of My Affection 2

Here is my vintage collection which i display at home. They are flea market and street finds from Taman Puring, Kebayoran Lama, Jalan Surabaya, Semarang, Saigon, Beijing and Tokyo. I am not into  collecting any particular objects, i just collect what i like when i spot it. Practically random. I was too sometimes confused and therefore made lots of bad judgement –i still do though, flea market situation can be overwhelming you know– but eventually i develop my own taste and interest, so I only take pieces that i think can work with other stuff.

Suitcases from 70’s which i now use for work. Good for laptop as it protects alright.

A framed chinese caligraphy which i don’t bother to understand, and Burung Garuda Pancasila made of tin standing cool in my home. Found in Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring respectively.









A vinyl album of my favorite vintage band Bimbo: Indonesia Antik.











It’s Kodak. Not Polaroid. The camera is in good condition, unfortunately there is no way i can get the film.










One plays piano, one plays tennis. Both girls are pretty ceramic dolls. Collected from two different places: Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring.

My favorite painting by number. Inspired by the famous Lee Man Fong painting, I guess. Found in a sunday flea market in Kemang.







A collage of my vintage collection on my work desk.

Well, now you know what my fetish is. Tell me what yours is and share it with me here. Have a vintageful weekend!

My Hunting Field 2: Kebayoran Lama

Kebayoran Lama is another flea market I occassionally visit. Just five minutes by ojek from Taman Puring, the place however is not as popular. Not as “cool” and airy either. In fact it is the hottest flea market in south jakarta, literally speaking. Well, to begin with, Kebayoran Lama flea market is not exactly legal from the authority point of view. Therefore there are times when you don’t see many sellers around or they…

are all there but there is only few stuff being displayed because they know at anytime the police can raid and take all the stuff. Anyway, like Taman Puring, there are two areas of the market: outside and inside. The outside market is located right under the flyover from Jln Pakubuwono to Kebayoran Lama. While the inside market is located in the semi permanent shops alongside the railway.

Kebayoran Lama flea market is known more for secondhand goods, including electronic parts such as chargers, and other bits and pieces as well as gems and precious stones. Vintage items are among all these, so you really have to dig to find real vintage. While the area under flyover is more open, chaotic– and bloody hot, the inside market along by the railways is a bit slummy, dark and not for the faint hearted. So if you are into adventures and different experience, this is the place. Did I mention that if you are lucky you can find a rare vintage or antique at unbelievable price? Believe me.

Belle File on Mid Century Revival

Belle, one of the most stylish interior magazines from Australia issued a special edition in 2001 on the revival of mid century style, and I am lucky to have a copy of the magazine. Thanks to Tera, a secondhand book shop in Taman Puring. When I looked at the content and the photos, i thought i must share them with you as they are amazing, sooo belle…I am sure you agree.

My Hunting Field 1: Taman Puring

My first encounter with Taman Puring began five years ago when i was into collecting cassettes of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pop music. Back then I never really noticed what other stuff this place has to offer. Until i met my best friend Ika last year–– who introduced me and literally took me to the place. (She is herself an Etsy artist, a copy writer, a junker and a picker. Look for her shop vantiani at etsy.com)

Eventually i know that this place is not just selling vintage stuff but also secondhand goods, antiques and practically  anything and everything. Once i saw a used rice cooker being offered among others.

There are two main areas of Taman Puring flea market : the inside, and the outside. In the inside you will find about six permanent shops —mostly specializing in old paintings and chandeliers. While the more fun area is actually located outside, under the tree, on the sidewalk.  Here they sell smaller items such as plates, cups, vases, jewelleries, and as I said : anything and everything. As you can see in the photos here.

Oh there is  actually another area, which is in the second floor of Pasar Taman Puring where all shops specialize on cassettes, CD, laser disc, and vinyls. But that will be featured later.

For those who don’t know where Taman Puring is, please ask Mr Google. If he happens to be inavailable, here is the clue : it is located between Pasar Mayestik and Gandaria. In Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.