Hi! Super excited to tell you that I became a curator in Sidharta Auctioneer’s first auction in 2020.
What I am offering in this auction is: art, design and vintage in the form of painting, photography,
chair, porcelain tableware, and other items.

Firstly, I am proud to present to you Jakarta Vintage chairs in collaboration with talented young artists
Mabelle Emeralda and Evan Aditya. They are authentic vintage chairs, made of old teakwood, which
are renovated and refurbished in canvas fabric with modern contemporary artworks by the two
artists. Aside from that, there are also limited edition of fine porcelain tableware collection designed by
me and Jakarta Vintage, as well as some old Chinese glass painted mirrors, and hand illustration
prints taken from old magazine/ newspaper. All these items are for those who want to present
personal style and character in their living space as they are unique décor items.
And for those gentlemen who want to bring out that sartorial style and appreciate fine things in life, we
have vintage men’s watches by luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex as well as more affordable
brands such as Oris, Seiko, Bulova, and Enicar to offer.

Last but not least is our collaboration with the Atreyu Moniaga Project (AMP) which presents
photography works by Atreyu Moniaga himself and contemporary arts by Evan Aditya, Karin
Josephine, Ray Lidya, and Robby Garsia. AMP is an artist management company founded in 2013 by
Atreyu focusing on promoting and managing young artists – mostly illustrators & photographers.

To sum up, may I share personal thought on art: "There is only one credo: choose the ones that make
you happy when you look at it". Happy bidding!