Proudly announcing that our auctions with Sidharta auctioneer, Future Vintage and Artfordable Art, are back on! Worry not, the auctions will be held online, keeping us safe and healthy through this pandemic.

Our auctions will be held via Instagram live on


Future Vintage which will be held twice, on the 1st of August and on August 8, 2020.

And as I’ve mentioned before, Jakarta Vintage chairs in collaboration with Mabelle Emeralda and Evan Aditya will be put in auction for Future Vintage. To know more about Mabelle and Evan, take a moment to go over their profile here. Artwork by artists Karin Josephine and Ray Lydia will also be featured in Future Vintage auction.


As for Artfordable , this will feature many amazing young artists including Aditya, Robby Garsia and Atreyu Moniaga. Their artwork will be featured along with the late artists.


So be prepared for a unique experience of online auction with Sidharta auctioneer and Jakarta Vintage.

Happy bidding, once again!