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About Evan Aditya

Evan Aditya illustrates his vision with bright color and monsters. He tries to convey the biased and unrealistic values that burden in today’s fast pacing generation. As the result, Evan believes that we need to channel our voices.

That’s why as the founder of Show The Monster, character design and pattern studio based in Jakarta, he makes a brand as a symbol of freedom for self-expression.

This piece is a collaboration between Jakarta Vintage and Evan Aditya, featured in the Future Vintage auction.

About Mabelle Emeralda

Mabelle is a designer based in Jakarta. Her interest for art dates back to when she was a child and her father took her to an auction house. A single painting was so captivating that she began experimenting with visual arts and its varying media.

In high school Mabelle’s interest for interior design grew following a project i.e. designing a student lounge. The budget was not enough to cover all the expenses and Mabelle decided to make her own line of furniture using waste materials notably, one from the plant water hyacinth which clogs up the water reservoir, sewer etc that caused flooding in Jakarta.

Her study continues in Italy, specifically Istituto Marangoni Milano. In her time there she felt that the world of interior design and fine arts were not so different after all and believes that the two can overlap or even merge together.

Unfortunately, her time in Milan was short-lived as she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to stay in Jakarta. Before enrolling back to university she experimented with other career options such as being a fine artist, tattoo artist, a florist and a terrible tango dancer. But finally interior design was the right path for Mabelle and she enrolled in LaSalle College Jakarta where she is in her final semester and interning at Jakarta Vintage.


These are the chairs in collaboration with Mabelle which will be put in auction. We can find here the Modern Man chair, the Modern Woman chair , the Peacock chair and last but not least, the Zoloft chair.


FUTURE VINTAGE and ARTFORDABLE ART: Online auction with Sidharta auctioneer

Proudly announcing that our auctions with Sidharta auctioneer, Future Vintage and Artfordable Art, are back on! Worry not, the auctions will be held online, keeping us safe and healthy through this pandemic.

Our auctions will be held via Instagram live on @sidharta.co.


Future Vintage which will be held twice, on the 1st of August and on August 8, 2020.

And as I’ve mentioned before, Jakarta Vintage chairs in collaboration with Mabelle Emeralda and Evan Aditya will be put in auction for Future Vintage. To know more about Mabelle and Evan, take a moment to go over their profile here. Artwork by artists Karin Josephine and Ray Lydia will also be featured in Future Vintage auction.


As for Artfordable , this will feature many amazing young artists including Aditya, Robby Garsia and Atreyu Moniaga. Their artwork will be featured along with the late artists.


So be prepared for a unique experience of online auction with Sidharta auctioneer and Jakarta Vintage.

Happy bidding, once again!



Our Alun Alun store reopens – 30% discount on all items

Our store at Alun Alun Grand Indonesia Mall has reopened since June 15th, 2020.

Our tableware, including the Raja Collection porcelain are still available for purchase. As well as our chairs and sketchbooks.


Oh and good news, ALL items are off 30% until the end of July. So go grab them before it’s too late.


Be sure to check out our store but still, stay safe and stay healthy!




Hello!  I’m back again with something fresh and new.  feels great to be blogging again…

Lately I held an event about my latest collection which is called ‘Style & Substance’. It’s a collection with a touch of modern contemporary art deco design inspired by the life of Nitisemito from a book called ‘Sang Raja’ By Iksaka Banu. This book tells a story about Nitisemito being a successful entrepreneur from Kudus, Central Java. With a fiery passion for interior design and architecture as well as some brilliant joie de vivre frame of mind. Nitisemito’s persona was alluring and timeless… an authentic personification of what it means to have ‘Style & Substance’. This event was held on the 18th of December 2017 at ‘Samsara Indonesian Cuisine’.

Quite a lot of people showed up at the event, even more than I expected, and it made me really happy that everyone enjoyed the event. We had dinner, chit chatted, talked about the book, there was even a photo booth set up for people to take pictures in the installation and we all had so much fun. Not to mention the talented musician who made the ambience extra ordinary. It was surely a great evening…

There were a couple of merchandise that were distributed to the guests before they head home, some of which including a scarf for women and a handkerchief for men. These merchandise were specially designed for this event as a part of the collection.

Overall the event turned out to be a blast and I’d surely make more events for my upcoming collection. To top it all off, here are some pictures taken from the event…

Home & Decor Indonesia (2013): Dribs & Drabs


Last March I launched Mary & Teddy fine porcelain designer tableware collection– a creative collaboration between me and Sango Ceramics, the largest ceramic company in Indonesia. I designed the prints and Sango applied them on their ceramics, that’s how we collaborate.

Mary&Teddy design is inspired by the ceramic dolls that I found at Pasar Cikapundung, Bandung and Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta. I also made a story about it, it’s called Reclaiming the Fun. A little girl named Mary who loves playing the piano, but got distracted by a pony named Teddy! After all Mary is just a little girl who wants to have fun. Mary&Teddy collection was launched at the MOZAIK Indonesia Exhibition early in March. To complete the collection I made Mary&Teddy chair collection too.
If you didn’t get the chance to check them out, here are the photos! Also drop by our showroom since the chairs and the ceramics are available at our showroom.

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