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About Evan Aditya

Evan Aditya illustrates his vision with bright color and monsters. He tries to convey the biased and unrealistic values that burden in today’s fast pacing generation. As the result, Evan believes that we need to channel our voices.

That’s why as the founder of Show The Monster, character design and pattern studio based in Jakarta, he makes a brand as a symbol of freedom for self-expression.

This piece is a collaboration between Jakarta Vintage and Evan Aditya, featured in the Future Vintage auction.

About Mabelle Emeralda

Mabelle is a designer based in Jakarta. Her interest for art dates back to when she was a child and her father took her to an auction house. A single painting was so captivating that she began experimenting with visual arts and its varying media.

In high school Mabelle’s interest for interior design grew following a project i.e. designing a student lounge. The budget was not enough to cover all the expenses and Mabelle decided to make her own line of furniture using waste materials notably, one from the plant water hyacinth which clogs up the water reservoir, sewer etc that caused flooding in Jakarta.

Her study continues in Italy, specifically Istituto Marangoni Milano. In her time there she felt that the world of interior design and fine arts were not so different after all and believes that the two can overlap or even merge together.

Unfortunately, her time in Milan was short-lived as she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to stay in Jakarta. Before enrolling back to university she experimented with other career options such as being a fine artist, tattoo artist, a florist and a terrible tango dancer. But finally interior design was the right path for Mabelle and she enrolled in LaSalle College Jakarta where she is in her final semester and interning at Jakarta Vintage.


These are the chairs in collaboration with Mabelle which will be put in auction. We can find here the Modern Man chair, the Modern Woman chair , the Peacock chair and last but not least, the Zoloft chair.


STYLE & SUBSTANCE: Exhibition at IDentities booth, Salone del Mobile

Exhibiting — for the second time — in the world’s most important fair that is Salone del Mobile in Milan makes me honored and super proud. Along with 26 Indonesian designers, I was chosen to exhibit my work in IDentities booth at Rho Fiera Milan, Italy, from 17 until 22 April 2018. This time around I was exhibiting Style and Substance — a limited edition fine porcelain tableware collection. The concept is inspired by the creative and visionary Nitisemito, the King of Kretek from the 1920’s. The design is a combination of the authentic art deco style and local motifs and objects with a touch of geometric and symmetrical designs as well as the color selection of gold, black and white, making it exclusive, premium and lux. 
Indonesia is rich in culture and tradition that I am proud of. It has always been my mission to tell a story — an Indonesian perspective— through the design and products that I create. This collection is exactly about that. For the world to know and appreciate the design that is made and inspired by Indonesiana . for the foreigners to get to know and appreciate the design that is inspired and made by Indonesians. A special thanks to Bekraf for this opportunity. Viva Indonesian design.

CASA Indonesia 2017: There’s no limit for Happiness!

Another exciting event that I blissfully honored to be a part of was CASA Indonesia 2017 earlier this June. Casa Indonesia is undoubtedly the most important design event in Indonesia and thus the must visit event for design enthusiasts – and this year it was a huge success!

This year I was exhibiting my design concept on Cook & Design, in which I collaborate with Zen Ceramics, and Suwe Ora Jamu, with the theme “Herbs & Spices”. I presented my wallpaper collection which I used as the backdrop and some spices on the table as a decoration for the people to enjoy the art through their sense of smell as well.

In one booth under BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif), I displayed a picnic chair which I also displayed at Milan Design Week 2017.

Last but not least, a booth at TALA, presenting the unique and fun ‘Mary & Teddy’ porcelain collections.

It was an exciting experience to be a part of this exhibition, chitchatting with like-minded people– really refreshing my mind. I’m looking forward for more events like this in the future.
Of course, I wouldn’t forget to mention, here are some pictures from the event!

Decorating Number One Agency

This office decoration project was done awhile ago but I only had a chance to take decent pictures recently. This is our very first project so I tried to do it right, a little too “safe” but with plenty of “vintage” touches, of course. Some items should have been done differently, but hey for a maiden project –- I hope it’s not too bad. What do you think? O did I mention that this office belongs to Hakuhodo Jakarta – the number one agency in terms of creativity in Indonesia, and I am not being nice here– Hakuhodo did win the best agency in 2012. So proud to be part of it. Thank you!

Vintage On Weekends

I am happy to share this good news with you: Jakarta Vintage showroom is now open on weekends too! From 10am to 6pm there will always be someone waiting for you at the shop to cater your appetite for cool mid-century chairs and furniture. So just pop in,  my interior designers and  I will be happy to assist you in interior design and decoration need for your home and office. Now you can slot in a friendly visit to the shop at Darmawangsa Square, Basement 47 Kebayoran Baru in your weekend agenda. Thanks to dear friends who has been supporting Jakarta Vintage all this time. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Jakarta Post on Jakarta Vintage: Oldie But Goodie

Hi. After over a month of hiatus from the blog and you all — it’s really good to be back. My first note is on an article by The Jakarta Post’s JPlus two weeks ago. The two-page coverage is about my house which according to the paper –I quoted here: “displays the perfect mix of good taste, creativity and vintage obsession”. Wow, such a kind write up by Willy Wilson as well as

gorgeous photos by Fransisca Angela. Check it out at thejakartapost.com andhere.

Xmas Decoration A la Jakarta Vintage

This is how Xmas and new year decoration looks like according to Jakarta Vintage and team, dedicated for Dulux Lets Colour. Primary colors: red, white and green. Main element: deer. Flowers: white lilies and roses. And lots of little ceramic dolls — all vintage. What does your Xmas decor look like? Share it with me here. Thanks!

Color Trends 2014 From Vintage Perspective

What color is in (and what’s out) in 2014? The answer to this question for a global leader in paint and coating such as Jotun is 24. Yes, Jotun provides 24 colors of paints in its Color Trends 2014 campaign, which are grouped into three themes: Travel in Style, Urban Casual, and New Comforting. Urban in Style projects elegance, warmth, and glamor, best represented by dark blue, green, maroon and purple. As for Urban Casual, it’s all about being creative, laid back and individual with orange, retro blue and grey in the color palette. New Comforting is best for those who want to have a relaxing, peaceful and simple space. This color scheme includes dew blue, tudor, edelwise, among others. For the launch event of Color Trends 2014 the Norway brand commissioned Jakarta Vintage to make an interpretation of the three themes above by designing and decorating three spaces in its launch event today. Here are the photos, styled and shot by our creative team, at our showroom/ studio at the Darmawangsa Square. How do you like it?

Jakarta Vintage At Martha Stewart’s Rumah Inspirasi (Part 2)

The sharing and meeting session with around 50 vintage enthusiasts  at Rumah Inspirasi finally took place, on a pouring Saturday. I got many interesting questions from the audience such as: how to decor a small apartment with vintage items? how to take care of old vinyls?who is your favorite vintage singer? and: what is the cheapest vintage item that I ever bought? The last one is a bit tough because … I have plenty of answers. That Vietnamese lady ceramic doll…I got it at USD 1. The handsome Samsonite briefcase in camel was only Rp 35K –now the similar item can hardly be found and if any at all, it would cost seven times the price. Well, putting that aside, I am glad that through this talk show I can share what vintage can do to us all –and trust me it’s all good: it’s stylish and unique, it’s affordable (o yes, compared to antiques, that is), it’s environment friendly (because no new energy produced), it makes you creative (mixing it with current items can be a challenge for many people), and did I say it’s cool too? Now I want to thank the team at Martha Stewart Living Indonesia who gave me the chance to share those messages and to the participants who came to get inspired, to inspire and stayed till the end. Have a fun week ahead!

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