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ARTMOSPHERE: Jalur Rempah and A Very Cute Fat Cat

August is the month of art! Which is why it’s an eventful month. In support of Bazaar Art Jakarta which will be held onAugust 24. Galeries Lafayette launched the Artmosphere, a series of artful activities including an exhibition, art installations, workshops, artsy merchandises, home décor and fashion items. I am also happy to say that I participated with good friends of mine as A.R.T Project (Abie, Rina, Lu(t)hfi). I had such a great time participating in this event, since Galeries Lafayette itself is the most fashionable department store from France!

For Artmosphere, I presented my Jalur Rempah Collection. It’s the collection I introduced back in October 2015 at the Museum Nasional Exhibition. However, this time I put a new twist to it! Expanding it to a brand new fashion line, making the prints into fun summer dresses, sarongs, etc. I had so much fun during the process.

Other than my Jalur Rempah Collection, I also introduced two new lounge chairs. Both chairs are a collaborative work between Jakarta Vintage and Svetlana Petrova a very talented artist from Russia. Sveta always puts her adorable fat cat named Zarathustra in all famous museum paintings, such as Da Vinci’s Monalisa! Her quirky and (very cute) fat cat won my heart.Svetlana also describes her art in ways that are out of the box. She explained that Mona Lisa was smiling because of the fat cat on her lap, Leonardo Da Vinci was reluctant to put the cat on the painting, and he intended to paint out the cat, but Mona Lisa still smiled! So Mona Lisa smiled because of the cute fat cat on her lap, it’s no longer a mystery.Below are the pictures from this very artful program, Meowww.



Bringing Along Mary, Teddy, and Ling Ling to Casa 2016… and New York!

Earlier in June, I joined the Casa 2016 event at Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place. This event has always been much anticipated, as it is one of the most premium interior design events in Jakarta. So, I am greatly honored to be a part of it again this year.

This time, I presented the Mary & Teddy designer fine porcelain tableware collection which made its debut at the MOZAIK event in March.  It is a fun and whimsical collection about a little girl named Mary who loves playing the piano, but got distracted by a pony named Teddy!

Alongside Mary & Teddy, I also brought along someone new. A girl named Ling Ling! She’s a sporty girl who I found at Pasar Taman Puring back in 2011. She’s a porcelain statuette of a badminton player. She radiates persistence and hard work, which are two things that I also believe in. Ling Ling collection consists of plates, pitcher, bowl, and tray.

Also, I am excited to announce that my collection will also be brought along to New York! Who would’ve thought my Mary & Teddy collection which was inspired by porcelain dolls I found in Pasar Cikapundung and Pasar Kebayoran Lama would end up in New York? Which is why I am very happy and very humbled, this collection will be available at NY NOW — a B2B event on handmade, home decor and style–  from August 20 until August 24. Come along if you’re in New York!

Anyway, here are some more photos from the event! Peep through 😉

Home & Decor Indonesia (2013): Mixed Matches


Earlier this year I went to Semarang, a city rather surprising. I stayed in the Simpang Lima area, got on a Becak and started my adventure in the (extremely) sunny Semarang!

I first visited a beautiful Vihara around Jl. Lombok. It made me feel like I was transported to China! The building was very intricate and beautiful.

Afterwards, I had lunch at Spiegel. A stunning café with an industrial style interior and a view of the Old Town, including the famous Gereja Blenduk! Next, I visited the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, only a 2 minute walk from where I had yummy gelato.

And this is the fun part, another 2 minute walk: flea markets! There are two flea markets, one was near Gereja Blenduk and one was near Tekodeko Koffiehuis. I got a great vintage bag that was made in Denmark! Something I didn’t expect to find in Semarang.

To end the day, I visited the iconic Lawang Sewu. Besides the spooky things that it’s mostly known for, Lawang Sewu has a very long history behind it. Though some of the memories of Lawang Sewu aren’t good ones, the place is phenomenal. I was in such awe because of how remarkable it is. I also advise you to get a tour guide if you actually want to know the history behind Lawang Sewu, the visit would be much more worth it too. At night I had a meal at GOODFELLAS, a restaurant in a beautiful art deco house near Hotel Candi Baru.

One of the most famous sculptures in the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, what do you think?

Great food, great atmosphere, and great places to see. That is what you will get in Semarang. Also to take note, traffic jam is something that you can’t find in Semarang, get a Becak, go around Semarang, be happy!


It’s a bit too late, I know, but a few months back in October, there was a very special exhibition titled “Jalur Rempah”, held at the Museum Nasional and supported by the Jakarta Post. I had the opportunity to join in, I was excited! Especially knowing that the exhibition intends to tell how Indonesia used to capture the world’s attention due to its beauty and its variety of herbs and spices.

How do I take something so important, something so significant in Indonesia’s history and make it into something that we can look back not in anger, not in sadness, but in a delightful way.

From that I decided to combine everything and put something that still shows the beauty of Indonesia and still me. Colorful, bold, vintage, and of course still represents the “Jalur Rempah” of Indonesia. I finally came up with a print, something that I decided to be put on a chair.

The print has pictures of “The Voyagers” and the Herbs and Spices. The voyagers include key figures from across the world that came to Indonesia, such as Vasco Da Gamma (Portugal), Henry Middleton (US), Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal), Cornelis de Houtman (Netherlands), and Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten (Netherlands). Furthermore, the herbs and spices include some of the main herbs and spices that can be found in Indonesia, such as garlic, lime leaves, nutmeg, shallot, red onion, ginger, clove, chili, and turmeric.

The print has pictures of “The Voyagers” and the Herbs and Spices. The voyagers include key figures from across the world that came to Indonesia, such as Vasco Da Gamma (Portugal), Henry Middleton (US), Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal), Cornelis de Houtman (Netherlands), and Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten (Netherlands). Furthermore, the herbs and spices include some of the main herbs and spices that can be found in Indonesia, such as garlic, lime leaves, nutmeg, shallot, red onion, ginger, clove, chili, and turmeric.

To begin with, I already liked the purpose of this exhibition. It gave me a chance to explore.

With that print and the chair that I created, I am hoping that people can remember Indonesia’s history as not something sad and pitiful, but something beautiful. That’s the message that I hope I delivered.

The exhibition ran from 18 October until 25 October 2015. However, it got extended until the 30th! If you haven’t had the chance to see the chair and the prints, just drop by the Jakarta Vintage showroom. Tell me how you like the artwork!


Welcome to Prawirotaman!

Perhaps the first thing that pops in mind when you hear the name “Jalan Prawirotaman” in Yogya is backpackers, but did you know that it’s also home to antique stores?

The thing about vintage hunting in Prawirotaman is that you’ll need strong legs that can take you from corner to corner since the stores are scattered between houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels along the street. Well, of course to put it into a positive light, whenever you’re tired from all those walking you can always drop by, sit back and have some coffee in one of the cafes!

Anyway, you can expect to find statuettes and sculptures made of wood, stones, copper and Javanese/Madurese/ethnic furniture. You can also find useful remnants from old houses such as window sills, door frames, doors, windows, credenzas, and pillars – if you’re building a house and in need of some vintage, ethnic touch, then I’d highly recommend you to hunt in this area.

Yogyakarta’s Jalan Prawirotaman is home to lots of vintage treasures, but I hope one day they can be more organised just like Solo’s Pasar Triwindu and Jakarta’s Jalan Surabaya.

Ethnic chic findings
You all know how I feel about antlers so I don’t need to elaborate more on these two…
Like like like!


Having claimed myself as a maximalist when it comes to designing and living, it’s only logical for me to say “YES!” when I was asked if I’d like to write a book. I had heard from friends that writing a book is one of the most rewarding experiences and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Like so many first experiences in life, it was daunting to start working on the book. But thankfully, with supportive friends and ceaseless passion, I can now confirm that writing a book is indeed a very satisfying experience!

So allow me to proudly and happily present my first book, Happy Vintage.
(Watch this short clip from the Happy Vintage Launch Party!)

It’s a book about interior and design, but mind you, it’s neither about the technical nor the historical aspect of interior design. As the title suggests, it’s about happiness and vintage. Happy Vintage is about making a happy space that suits your personality – and how vintage can give you this personal edge.

Well, I can go on with it but that would be defeat the purpose of the book, right?! Get your copy of Happy Vintage in Gramedia and stay happy, stay vintage!

Grab your own happiness and spread the vintage virus!


Prince Diponegoro, featured on Jakarta Vintage’s signature batman chair.

It’s really been an honour for me to participate in not one, but two (!) exhibitions featuring the 19th century Javanese prince and Indonesian hero, Prince Diponegoro.

Taking the title Diponegoro Reclaimed, my aim is to reignite the legacy of Prince Diponegoro with a modern, artistic, pop-culture twist. In a series of mix-media installation, collage, poster and postcards, I incorporate pre-used items and recycled materials. This is not only to maintain my own green-livin concern, but also to symbolize the passion of Prince Diponegoro in reclaiming and guarding his environment – best of both worlds, no?

But perhaps more importantly, what I’d like to convey in these two exhibitions is the heroic legacy from the late Prince. His principles: conviction, bravery, determination, and loyalty are values that I believe are still relevant today. And it’s important for people of every age, gender, profession, and nationality to be able to strive for these values. Diponegoro doesn’t only belong to the Javanese or to us Indonesians. He is a universal icon!

Do come visit Aku Diponegoro exhibition at Galeri Nasional, from February 6 – March 8!

And if you’re still hungry for more Diponegoro, do come to its parallel event, Prince Diponegoro in Dutch Perspectives from 1800 until Now at Erasmus Huis, from February 12 – March 11!

The Jakarta Vintage’s Diponegoro Reclaimed corner at Galeri Nasional

And here’s our space at the Erasmus Huis!

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