August is the month of art! Which is why it’s an eventful month. In support of Bazaar Art Jakarta which will be held onAugust 24. Galeries Lafayette launched the Artmosphere, a series of artful activities including an exhibition, art installations, workshops, artsy merchandises, home décor and fashion items. I am also happy to say that I participated with good friends of mine as A.R.T Project (Abie, Rina, Lu(t)hfi). I had such a great time participating in this event, since Galeries Lafayette itself is the most fashionable department store from France!

For Artmosphere, I presented my Jalur Rempah Collection. It’s the collection I introduced back in October 2015 at the Museum Nasional Exhibition. However, this time I put a new twist to it! Expanding it to a brand new fashion line, making the prints into fun summer dresses, sarongs, etc. I had so much fun during the process.

Other than my Jalur Rempah Collection, I also introduced two new lounge chairs. Both chairs are a collaborative work between Jakarta Vintage and Svetlana Petrova a very talented artist from Russia. Sveta always puts her adorable fat cat named Zarathustra in all famous museum paintings, such as Da Vinci’s Monalisa! Her quirky and (very cute) fat cat won my heart.Svetlana also describes her art in ways that are out of the box. She explained that Mona Lisa was smiling because of the fat cat on her lap, Leonardo Da Vinci was reluctant to put the cat on the painting, and he intended to paint out the cat, but Mona Lisa still smiled! So Mona Lisa smiled because of the cute fat cat on her lap, it’s no longer a mystery.Below are the pictures from this very artful program, Meowww.