Welcome to Prawirotaman!

Perhaps the first thing that pops in mind when you hear the name “Jalan Prawirotaman” in Yogya is backpackers, but did you know that it’s also home to antique stores?

The thing about vintage hunting in Prawirotaman is that you’ll need strong legs that can take you from corner to corner since the stores are scattered between houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels along the street. Well, of course to put it into a positive light, whenever you’re tired from all those walking you can always drop by, sit back and have some coffee in one of the cafes!

Anyway, you can expect to find statuettes and sculptures made of wood, stones, copper and Javanese/Madurese/ethnic furniture. You can also find useful remnants from old houses such as window sills, door frames, doors, windows, credenzas, and pillars – if you’re building a house and in need of some vintage, ethnic touch, then I’d highly recommend you to hunt in this area.

Yogyakarta’s Jalan Prawirotaman is home to lots of vintage treasures, but I hope one day they can be more organised just like Solo’s Pasar Triwindu and Jakarta’s Jalan Surabaya.

Ethnic chic findings
You all know how I feel about antlers so I don’t need to elaborate more on these two…
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