Jakarta Vintage


Look at these cars! I can feel me-from-childhood screaming with joy!

Bandung is always the go-to place for a quick getaway. Right in the middle of the city, between Jl. Braga and Jl. Asia Afrika, there’s a flea market on the entire third floor of Pasar Cikapundung. You can expect a lot of crowd between 1pm to 9pm in the evening, roaming around 50 “antique” stalls. Well, actually vintage is a more appropriate term since they don’t sell things older than 60 years – which is why it’s perfect for the ever-so-obsessed-with-vintage me!

Here you can find legged-jeans mid-century furniture. Ceramic tea-sets, figurines are also here, along with cameras, suitcases and bags. Pasar Cikapundung is where I’ve found the Phillips portable turntable I turn on everyday when I get back home.

Collection-wise, Pasar Cikapundung is truly rich. Unfortunately, I think this market is slightly unorganized and isn’t very-well maintained. The fact that it’s located on the third floor also makes it less tourist-friendly. It could’ve been improved so much better – is it time for me to make a phone call to Ridwan Kamil? Hmmm…..

Where is Purol now?!
Instant reminder of childhood.
Rich collections!
Cannot curb my enthusiasm for those chairs!


Hello, it’s been a while! There has been a lot going on since the launch of the book and it’s been challenging to keep up with the blog-writing, but here I am with a good news!

Jakarta Vintage will be at Casa by Bravacasa 2015. I feel so honoured and excited to showcase my new collections at this premium living and interior exhibition. For this event, I have come up with special set of chairs, inspired by masculine simplicity so you can definitely expect some leather and dark colours that strengthen the timeless elegance of this collection.

Oh and not only that Jakarta Vintage will be displaying our latest design, but I will also speak CasaTALK on the topic of Remix Furniture on Saturday – this should be fun

So, see you there!

Distressed leather, for maximum relaxation.