Chic eco-friendly living room by interior designer Eko Priharseno. Clean, green, modern. Typical Eko’s design. Love it!

Independence Day is just one day to go – and this is how 12 top Indonesian interior designers at ID12 show their pride and love for the country: by creating 12 interior design inspirations. And they all do it in impeccable, tasteful style. Who would have thought –or rather: aren’t you glad to know that– all their works are inspired by the colours of Indonesia, hence the name of the event. Opened last night and attended by media and design enthusiasts, the event will be held until Aug 24 at Senayan City, Jakarta. For those who doesn’t know that local talents can actually rock and rule, here are the names to watch: Agam Riadi, Ary Juwono, Roland Adam, Eko Priharseno, Hendramianto Syamsulhadi, Reza Wahyudi, Anita Boentarman, Fifi Fimandjaja, Prasetio Budhi, Yuni Jie, Shirley Gouw. Bravo ID12 for the initiative and awesome works!

Casual dining room according to Fifi Damandjaja is when nature meets glam. Or is it because of that pretty dress by Sebastian Gunawan? Either way they are beautiful. 

Dark, handsome yet playful. A deer head welcomes at the play room by Reza Wahyudi. Jakarta Vintage approves.