March 2014 Collections

Hi, it’s been a while¬† since our last collection in Nov — I know. For 2014 –the year of horse– Jakarta Vintage comes with a new chair collection in vibrant colors that represent the importance of staying positive, happy and fun. Some chairs are in sync with the current color trend, some others are more timeless. We believe that we do not only make chairs, we give you a piece of happiness. We want you to be happy having it, sitting on it, or simply looking at it. That’s why in the past few weeks we have been focusing on the quality control, so that you stay happy for the long time with our chairs.

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  1. Adi 19 Mar 2017 Reply

    Keren Mas Luthfi,
    Sebelumnya salam kenal, Aku Adi.
    Aku termasuk orang pecinta vintage dan retro. Kursi-kursinya keren mas. Apa boleh tau untuk katalog harganya mas, sehingga bisa siapkan budget nih mas,, hehe. Sama kalau ada yang sofa vintage gitu mas, yang isi 2 atau tiga juga boleh mas untuk katalog harganya.

    Terima kasih mas.

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