Vintage at Work (2): Moving Around While Fasting

Vintage At Work Jakarta VintageLebaran is around the corner and it’s time to refresh your wardrobe (in 1-2 new batiks, out 10-25 o-so-yesterday outfits) and your home (by repainting it white –like million homes do). As for me, I refreshed my office by moving around the furniture to get that fresh new look. The coffee table in the reception area moved to the meeting room. The book rack divider now was put against the wall. And what did I get? The same old vintage look. Only new and fresh. And I am ready for Lebaran already. I should try this more often, so should you. Just a little advice: please dont do it in the morning, you may end up exhausted and breaking your fast …faster. Happy fasting everyone. PS: Click here if you want to see the original look of the office.

Vintage at Work Jakarta Vintage



Vintage at Work Jakarta Vintage


Vintage At Work Jakarta Vintage


  1. disty 24 Sep 2013 Reply

    hallo, boleh tau lemari yg besar di gambar pertama itu belinya dimana ya? and harga sekitar brp? trims :-)

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 24 Sep 2013 Reply

      Halo Disty, itu lemari bikin, design sendiri. Kayunya: jati belanda. Thn 2009 kalau ga salah harganya Rp. 5jt. tx!

      • disty 26 Sep 2013 Reply

        wih..lumayan juga ya..hehehe. Anyway, thanks infonya

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