Guess Who’s On The Cover (2)

Natural looking and camera shy, with the cat woman styled glasses…Is this typical Indonesian woman of the 60’s?

Indonesian vintage models — have you ever wondered how they look? Well, it’s actually easy to check them out in google image or youtube, or maybe in those old photo albums in the garage. As for me, I have these Varia magazines, 60’s edition –which I found in Blok M Square two weeks ago. Looking at the cover models on the magazine that was popular until the late 70’s, I can’t help but comparing them with today’s famous faces such as Dian Sastro and Julia Perez which covered Clara magazine a while ago. One is more natural looking, camera shy and motherly….and the other one is more sophisticated, confident and polished. Is it so? One thing for sure, those Indonesian women, vintage or not, are all beautiful. D’accord?

One is a face of the 60’s, the other one is today’s most recognized face in Indonesia. Eyes to the camera, both pretty and confident.

Looking down and away from the camera, motherly and simple looking. Not a desperate housewife, I hope:)

One is in simple, traditional outfit, the other one looks sophisticated in modern gown. Both comfortable with their body.




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