10 Pieces of Art I Would Bring Home

Perawan Hujan (Virgin of Rain) by Muhamad Taufiq. 

Nowadays everyone seems to be obsessed with going global and the whole globalization thing….except Ika Vantiani, Muhammad Taufiq (Emte), and Rukmunal Hakim. The three artists are proofing that local is the way to go. And it can be cool too. Or dark. Or playful and beautiful. I am talking here about their art works which are now being exhibited at Eastern Promise Pub & Restaurant in Kemang under the theme: LOKALISASI. Ika is known for her vintage styled, paper-based collage, while Emte and Rukmunal are illustrators with strong local flavor in their works. Through their works dare I say that local is the new global, perhaps? I dont know, but now with over 30 pieces of arts that they are exhibiting, I wonder which one I would bring home to fill my vintage space. Maybe the ones I feature here?:

Before The Climb by Ika Vantiani. Posing in style before climbing the magnificent Borobudur, that’s what these folks from the 70’s trying to do.

Awug by Rukmunal Hakim. Awug is a coconut-based sweet cake from West Java where the artist lives.

Ritual by Emte. This kind of ritual you may find in Bali, and in some other places in Indonesia.

On Top, another collage by Ika Vantiani. Now that they reach the top of Borobudur, another pose for the camera would not hurt, no?

Another Rukmunal’s interpretation of two famous traditional drink from West Java: Bandrek & Bajigur.

Sesajen Minahasa (Offering a la Minahasa) by Emte. This tradition is apparently shared everywhere in indonesia, including Minahasa, I had no idea.

I thought it was an outdoor cafe, but it was actually a Garden Party according to Ika. Looking at this photo, dont you feel nostalgic about the cool and peaceful days of the 70’s?

Bandros is a soft and sweet, cup cake-like snack from West Java. This is how Rukmanul visualizes it. Interesting!

Colenak, another local sweet from West Jawa. This colenak, you dip it on coconut sugar and it’s a heaven. Rukmanul shows this just like it.