Tanah Teduh: 100% Local, 100% Cool


Last week I went to Tanah Teduh, in Jati Padang, Pejaten, and felt so proud to be an Indonesian. How can I not? Tanah Teduh is a complex of 20 houses built by leading Indonesian architects with a strong commitment to environment and local materials. So in two hectares of land, no tree-felling was allowed, ponds retained for water processing and catchment and, natural light and air flow optimized to reduce electricity consumption. Cool. And all Indonesian-made materials are taking a center stage here, indoor and outdoor. The interior of the show unit for example, is an exhibition of fine Indonesian furniture — all vintage from the 60’s and 70’s. This is where my vintage-obsessed mind goes ecstatic, naturally.  I totally agree with Ronald Akili, the founder of this project who says: “I hope Tanah Teduh will be a source of inspiration and a project that Indonesia could be proud of.”  Bravo architects Andra Matin, Wendy Djuhara, Anthony Liu, Yori Antar, Adi Purnomo, Ahmad Djuhara, Eko Prawoto, Ferry Ridwan, Tan Tik Lam, and Zenin Adrian who made it happen. So last week I was proud and impressed by my fellow Indonesians. I am sure you would be too.  Sources: tanahteduh.com and doinc.org







  1. Yosi 6 Apr 2013 Reply

    I want that living room!!!!

  2. Omah Genteng 11 Apr 2013 Reply

    Beauty in imperfection!!! damn awesome! love these houses!

  3. findtage 12 Apr 2013 Reply

    Mengingatkan saya pada Houses at Sagaponac di The Hamptons. senang sekali ada project seperti ini di Indonesia. more of this ahead. Bravissimo!

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 12 Apr 2013 Reply

      wah malah baru tau ada sagaponac project:) tx for your kind comment:)

  4. nike prima 1 May 2013 Reply

    sudah jatuh cinta dengan tanah teduh sejak pertama kali proyek ini hadir…tapi belum pernah ke sana :(
    sebenarnya boleh tidak sih kalo kita ke sana hanya untuk foto (buat posting tentang inspirasi)? 😀

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 1 May 2013 Reply

      halo nike, tanah teduh skrg udah ada bbrp penyewa (kebanyakan expats), jd masuk ke sana banyak berhadapan dgn satpam sih….kecuali kalo memang ada yg kenal:)

      • nike prima 3 May 2013 Reply

        Wah, sulit kalo begitu. Hehe. Thanks infonya mas Luthfi. :)

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