My Hunting Field 11: Bogor

Aside from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogja and Solo, Bogor is the place to go for vintage hunting. The most famous one is Ciawi, where a shopping complex of antiques and antique-likes is located, pretty much like Jalan Surabaya. But for those  who feel demotivated already by the idea of going to Puncak area –like me–, fortunately there are other options. Right in the middle of this chaotic city –between Taman Topi and Pasar Anyar, there are two or three small thrifty shops offering anything from vintage type writers to antique Chinese ceramics. To my surprise, the ceramic collection of one shop is quite good. There are also other places to go in Bogor for those who fancy mid century furniture pieces, all scattered between Jalan Semeru, Cilendek, Semplak and Parung. So when you are in Bogor –the city of angkots–, you can actually stay positive by visiting those places. And stay vintage, of course.


  1. Rifki 14 Jul 2013 Reply

    where exactly is the one in Ciawi?

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 15 Jul 2013 Reply

      Hi Rifki. Toko-toko antik (dan antique-looking) ada di daerah Puncak, di Ciawi, satu deret sama penjual2 sayur mayur, di sebelah kanan dari Bogor ke arah Cianjur. Menjelang Cisarua juga ada bbrp toko antik/furnitur tua, juga di sebelah kanan. Btw, sy barusan lihat blognya, banyak travel story nya yaa. Selamat yaa:) Senang ketemu teman sesama blogger:)

      • Rifki 17 Jul 2013 Reply

        Makasih infonya Mas Luthfi!

        Btw, salam kenal juga. Pertama kali tau pas ada talk show di Rumah Inspirasi. Tapi berhubung ga daftar, jd ga bole join deh (cuma bisa ngintip hehe)

        New comer in vintage nih (thanks to you too!).

        • Author
          Luthfi Hasan 18 Jul 2013 Reply

          sama2. pdhal boleh aja lho masuk ikutan (walau ga dpt tmpt duduk). welcome to the exciting world of vintage:)

  2. Liz 30 Jul 2013 Reply

    Looks a lot like Jl. Surabaya – I used to spend Saturdays browsing there and lunch afterwards at Lara Djonggrang. I bought big glass bottles and gave them away as gifts to friends and also kept a few for myself. Also the beautiful brass flowers that were worn in the hair at weddings and ceremonies. Just love that. Where would you recommend in Jogya and Surabaya to shop – best markets maybe? Love your blog Luthfi.

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 30 Jul 2013 Reply

      tx Liz for your comments. Surabaya is yet to be discovered though I have heard a lot about some interesting places there, but Yogja you can go to Jalan Prawiro Taman or Toko Mirota on Jln malioboro (mind you they mix the real and the replicas). Tx again for dropping by here:)

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