Beautiful Tiles of Yogjakarta

I love Yogjakarta for so many things. The batiks, the gudeg, the lesehan, the sense of humor. And now these tiles. I am sure it’s not just me. I saw them in Kraton, in some coffee houses, hotels and restaurants…and in this Diamond Baru tile shop, well of course. I went there last week to check what they have to offer. Knowing Diamond is a lesser known tile brand compared to the legendary Cap Kunci who practically owns the category and the buzz, I was surprised to see how beautiful the tiles are. The tiles featured here are mostly from this shop, and some belong to the Kraton. Dont you love them too?

These tiles belong to one of the adipati”s houses in the Kraton

Seen at one new eating place, beautiful.


  1. Omah Genteng 11 Apr 2013 Reply

    Some of our clients looking for such a tiles. I have no clue till found this article! Matur nuwun Mas Luthfi

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 11 Apr 2013 Reply

      wah senangnya bs memberi info n guna:) makasih dah mampir:)

  2. Author
    Luthfi Hasan 30 Jan 2013 Reply

    Hi Rendy! Yes here it is: Jln Magelang KM 7,2, Yogjakarta. Phone: 867788/ 868070.

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