Staying Vintage At Hotel Sumaryo

When you are in Yogja, and you are in the mood for vintage spotting, this hotel is worth inspecting: Hotel Sumaryo at Jalan Prawirotaman. I was there few weeks ago, for maybe fifteen minutes, just enough to take pictures and appreciate the vintage design of the hotel. The hotel is actually a big house converted by the owner –The Sumaryos– into a modest bed and breakfast place. What is most interesting is that they keep the house at its original design of the 60’s and 70’s for the guests and a vintage junkie like me to enjoy and appreciate. So you may not stay in the hotel, but for sure the hotel will stay vintage whether or not you stay there. Have a vintageful weekend to you all.

Little detail like this and you know you are in the 60’s-70’s space.

The view from outside, as if an invitation to the 60’s.

The Sumaryos, the owner of the hotel who live in the back area of the hotel.


  1. sigit priwibowo 25 Nov 2012 Reply

    Great!!! I just hope the owner will not convert it into a modern lodging. At least the current lobby area.

    Keep on the good work Bro

  2. sigit priwibowo 25 Nov 2012 Reply

    sorry, one more thing. The owner was a batik artisan/entrepreneur during the 70s to 80s. When the batik business went down, they converted the home to a hotel.

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 25 Nov 2012 Reply

      o thanks for the info. yes, hope it stays vintage like this, if not better, tx for commenting

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