Vintage for Auction in Kemang (Part 2): Behind The Scene

You have seen the photos that I have put in the previous posting, I hope you liked it. The photo session took almost the whole day –almost without a break– as there are so many items to shoot and mind you some items come in big size. Putting them together in a nice way is –as it turned out– not an easy job. We did some trials and errors, but the result is –I must say– worth the sweat. The items look much nicer in pictures –ooops– well I guess that’s what you get when a photographer (Ricky), a stylist (Veve), a vintage junkie (Sigit) and an ad man (that’s me) work together and shine. Enjoy the video (shot and edited by Dimas) and have a nice long weekend:)

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    Luthfi Hasan 6 Nov 2012 Reply


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