Black and Beautiful in Kuningan

This big deer head makes a beautiful presence and personality.

Black is beautiful, and it’s so true in the case of Otel Lobby restaurant in Kuningan. The decor concept is actually simple: a hotel lobby with a touch of New York –perhaps, gothic –obviously, and vintage –of course. So I think. When I enter the restaurant, I feel like entering a different universe. The big industrial clock, the ping pong ball chandelier, the deer head, and all one off pieces blend beautifully. It gets even better when crispy duck salad, famous beef wellington and yummy home made ice cream are served on your table. No wonder I always want to come again and again. For the good taste in food, decor and overall ambience that is.

Vintage-inspired bar stools add character to the restaurant interior.

Bright in the dark comes from the blue dining chairs and playful ping pong ball chandeliers.

Just when you thought everything is steel and concrete, this organic object is a nice surprise.

Iconic pieces such as the ping pong ball chandelier, giant clock, and the natural stone as the backdrop make this spot a center stage.

Otel Lobby’s lobby area. Dark and beautiful.

A bag carrier with Louis Vitton luggage, a statement of class and service, in the lobby.


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