Finding Vintage In Bandung

Toko Buku Djawa Jalan Braga Bandung, never changes since founded in 1955

Back in Bandung again, and funny it’s never boring. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the food and the restaurants. Or maybe it’s the many vintage buildings. Duh. I stayed in a hotel on Jalan Braga where some of the country’s best art deco buildings are just steps away. One of the famous shops there is Toko Buku Djawa, a must visit for vintage passionistas who happen to be in Bandung. What’s interesting about the shop is really the art deco architecture that is kept in its original condition, and the founder/ owner of the shop who up to now still serves the customers. Completely vintage, I would say. Aside from Toko Djawa, there are other shops which are equally interesting, such as Sumber Hidangan bakery and restaurant, Oey coffee house, and some antique shops. I told you Bandung is never boring.

Nyonya Tong, the founder and owner of Toko Djawa, at her shop. For 57 years serving the customers. 

Coffee, tea and other goodies at Koffiehuis Oey

Beef steak, hot dog and sate? No problem at Sumber Hidangan.

Sumber Hidangan interior. Art deco all the way. Must be an iconic place in its heyday.

For antique lovers, this is the place.

Painting by number at an antique shop on Jalan Braga Bandung.