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Indonesia 80’s: A Night To Remember

Imaniar owned the stage with her hits such as: Prahara Cinta, Kacau, Harus Kumiliki, and Ironi. Dance and rap are inclusive.

What do you remember about the 80’s most? For many, it is the ridiculous shoulder pads, leg warmers,  parachute pants. For me, it is the great music. Music that I can sing along. That’s what I expected when I came to see Indonesia’s 80’s, a concert that presented some musicians who ruled the Indonesian music scene in the 80’s: Vina Panduwinata, Harvey Malaiholo, Trie Utami, Elfa’s Singers, Titi DJ, Imaniar, Mus Mujiono, Deddy Dhukun, Fariz RM, and some others, last week.  The seven hour concert has turned the venue –Tennis Indoor Senayan– into a group karaoke where the whole audience sang along and even danced to some upbeat numbers, and yes I was among those who got carried away. The show finale belonged to Fariz RM –the most talented, most productive and most versatile artist in the 80’s. Only he showed up at 1am (in the morning!) when I was too restless to stay (It’s past my bed time, that;s why) . I did enjoy the concert though, maybe also because it was my birthday. Celebrating it with my favorite 80’s musicians is indeed a night I won’t forget.

Mus Mujiono, singer, composer, and guitar player, played his popular numbers such as: Arti Kehidupan, and Tanda Tandanya.
The late comer in 80’s music scene, Titi DJ, sang and tried to be interactive with the audience. Both effort succeeded. Her popular numbers include: Salahkah Aku, Ekspresi, Dunia Boleh Tertawa.
Deddy Dhukun, singer and hit makers in the 80’s, sang some numbers that night, such as: Percayalah Kasih, Melayang, and some others.
The darling of the 80’s Vina Panduwinata cheered up the audience with her many hits such as: Di Dadaku Ada Kamu, Burung Camar, Biru, Dia.
The winner of every singing competition, Harvey Malaiholo toned down with his hits such as Begitulah Cinta and Dara. Looked like he was keeping his big voice for his solo concert next week, or I was too sleepy to appreciate.
Fariz RM, the multi talented musician in the 80’s, showed up last with Sakura, Selangkah Ke Seberang, and Barcelona. I wish he performed earlier so I could enjoy his other hits.
Petite Trie Utami performed early to show off her big voice through Primadona, Kuingin Kau ada, Keraguan.
The boy band from 90’s at 80’s music concert, I dont know why. Anyway, Java Jive performed attractively on stage with Gerangan Cinta and Gadis Malam.
Elfa’s Singers –with Agus Wisman and Lita Zein the band members since early 80’s– stayed cool and at their best performance. They sang among others: Pesta and Aku Jatuh Cinta,

Extra Ordinary Designs At Desain.ID 2012

The most anticipated event on interior design in Indonesia –Desain.ID 2012– has just kicked off at Jakarta Convention Center last Wednesday. This year it focuses on “design in extra ordinary means”…Well, for me it means I have to find extra ordinary and iconic designs to be highlighted here, not hard at all as there are so many interesting works there. Here is my personal choice. Have a restful weekend!