Lebaran A la Martha Stewart

Glodogan tree from forest makes an elegant table decoration.

Lebaran frenzy is almost over and —ooops I forgot to wish you all the best Idul Fitri and hope you enjoyed the break. As Lebaran is about sharing, I would like to share how Martha Stewart Living Indonesia celebrates Lebaran as featured in its July issue. Known worldwide as the guru in homemaking, Martha knows best how to decorate the table in a creative and unique way with the help of its artistic team and Pak Asmin Timbil, an eccentric florist from the famous Bin House. Pak Asmin used rare fruits, leaves, herbs and vegetables and arranged them in such a way that it at the end made a unique and unusual table decoration. I like it and hope you do too. So this is Lebaran a la Martha, with a little vintage touch of Jakarta Vintage.

Rare fruits, vegetables, leaves and herbs make a unique table decoration. A work of Pak Asmin Timbil.

Red hot amaryllis on Lebaran is as beautiful as Sedap Malam and Orchids

Super hot Sayur Ase makes a memorable Lebaran.

When kastengels and nastar are too much, why not opt for Kue Mangkok for Lebaran.

Ketupat and oncom, why not?

Meet Pak Asmin, the eccentric florist who says no to usual and predictable table decoration.

I wish you all Happy Lebaran.