Jalan Surabaya in Video

Kariim sent me a video of our trip to Jalan Surabaya several weeks ago. You know what the place has to offer, well practically anything antique and vintage, however our visit somehow focused only on vinyls, turntables and cassettes, as you can see in the video. Not exactly doing justice to the place, but through this video I hope you can get the picture of what this famous place looks like. Kariim shot, developed and edited it all by himself, with a little help from the legendary Rolling Stones’ song: Hand of Fate. Have a good week ahead everyone.


  1. Ludjana 28 Aug 2012 Reply

    Oh jl Surabaya
    Where I went in the past (1948-1953) I went with my parents looked for antiques (false and real) and where I went mith my wife (in 60-72)to look for suitcases with (false, perhaps) brands to put in our clothes before we travel abroad.
    Nowadays it seems too far for me to go … with all that traffic.
    Oh jl Surabaya
    Jl Surabaya is only a memory, but I will go there again one day for memory sake …….

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 28 Aug 2012 Reply

      o, the real and the not so real still side by side, except for vinyls…they are all real:)

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