Vintage Posters At Gedung Joang 45

Today is the 67th celebration of our independence and I know exactly what I was going to write here. Vintage, of course, what else. This time around it’s about vintage posters at  Gedung Joang 45, a museum on Indonesian journey from the colonization time until finally free and independent. This is the first time I checked out the museum and to be honest I almost got bored until I saw these interesting posters. These posters were made under the Japanese occupation in Indonesia, aimed at raising nationalism and mobilizing support towards the Nippon. With patriotic, heroic and nationalistic look, tone and manner, basically these posters help this country get its independence. Herewith I share some of them here — and let’s all thank these posters. Merdeka!

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  1. Luki Wirtoelar 17 Aug 2012 Reply

    Beautiful !
    Inevitable it brings nostalgic feeling to me, because I was 13 at the time of Proklamasi.
    So I can remember the event.
    I was in Padalarang, a pupil of the SR (SD now) there

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