10 Pieces of Art I Would Bring Home 4

Syaiful AR's Bruce Lee with his iconic pose, will make any space...iconic.

Bazaar Art Jakarta 2012 –the biggest art market in Indonesia, they say– which I attended last weekend was a bit overwhelming for me and I mean it in a good way. There are just too many good things and too little time. From beautiful paintings, installations, kinetics, photography to cool furniture and interior pieces. But for today’s posting I will only focus on the paintings. Paintings that get my attention the first time I saw it, and stick in my mind after I left the exhibition. Yes, I tend to like paintings that are iconic and make a statement. Here is my choice based on: would they look fabulous in my vintage space or would they work with my vintage pieces.

Pocket Book by Takafumi Hara

Scary but unique, with Japanese sense of humor. Pocket Book by Takafumi Hara.

Half Hollywood, half communist. Full art. Liz Mao by Ronald Manullang

Fortune by Arifein Neif

So fortunate if I can have this painting, considering the price tag. Fortune by Arifein Neif.

Kelahiran Yang Dimitoskan by Nasirun. A bit absurd and surreal, like it.

Dreamy and beautiful fantasy of Robby Dwi Antono ("Ranting").

Ballerina by Bunga Jeruk. Pretty and memorable.

Van Gogh's Day by Azhar Horo. An interesting take on the legend.

Pardolly Fadli presents the graceful Javanese dancers and Prambanan temples as the background through Penari Serimpit.

Misterious and soulful The Soul of Beauty by Srihadi Soedarsono


  1. Melissa Octole 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    You have a good taste but I disagree with you on 1 out of 10 of your selection caused that particular painting known for it’s interior decorative purposes only and ethically I would not even mentioned what painting it is, however at least in majority your taste is also my taste of arts too.

    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 25 Dec 2012 Reply

      Hi Melissa. Thanks for your comments. I completely agree with you on that particular piece. Sometimes i just like a piece of art without thinking too much about whether it is really an art. Like I love painting by number. Anyway thanks again for your feedback and for dropping by here. Stay vintage and stay cool:)

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