My Hunting Field 4: Jalan Surabaya

Jalan Surabaya is the first and only name came to mind when i started developing my interest in antiques (hmm perhaps “antique-like” is more correct) some five years ago. I must admit hunting antiques and vintage here is very pleasant and convenient as they have everything you can think of in the antique department…Everything is displayed quite nicely, very well organized. Well, it is a foreign tourist destination in the first place, and the most mentioned name when people search for antiques in Jakarta and in fact included in the official map and calendar of the tourism board.

Antique pieces in Jalan Surabaya may be a little pricey and might not be real either, but a friendly smile like this is not hard to find.

However, now that I am accustomed to a more “organic” and chaotic choice such as Taman Puring, I find hunting in Jalan Surabaya a little bit too convenient and less challenging. But if you are a more practical kind of person, this is the place to go. Happy hunting!


  1. Sigit Priwibowo 1 Jul 2012 Reply

    It is one of my fav. I find this place more interesting than Taman Puring. The challenge is to find original vintage (not antiques). It can be rewarding when you find one at slightly modest price compare to vintage hunting places in Java.

    PS: the vendor goes hunting in Java and Sumatra to fill in their tiny shop!

    • Author
      luthfi 1 Jul 2012 Reply

      i agree jalan surabaya is the place for antiques and vintage in jakarta, no need to go anywhere else as the stuff there is very well curated and selected, thanks for sharing bro sigit:)

  2. tria 2 Jul 2012 Reply

    this place is awesoooome. i want that scuba diving helmet!!!

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