My Hunting Field 3: Blok M Square


Yes, this unassuming mall is my other hunting ground which i frequently visit, mostly during my lunch break. Here I can spoil my vintage appetite for old books, vintage comics and secondhand magazines as well as cassettes, CD, turntable, vinyl, poster, and some other stuff such as suitcases. With Jakarta’s unfriendly weather and traffic…

…it’s good to have an option to vintage hunt in an air-conditioned space and with conveniences of a mall. Perhaps this rather fancy place is more suitable for –dare I say– the vintage passionistas  (Maribelle, I love your term!).

Old books, secondhand books and magazines they are all here, no more need to be upset when your friends never return them to you.

Omen, a familiar face in the basement 2, specialising in vintage suitcases, vinyls, cassettes, among others.

So if you are in the neighborhood and crave for a quick bite, drop by at Blok M Square. They have hundreds of eating places, cafes, restaurants, as well as ATM arcade, salon, drugstores, hypermarket, well practically everything. As for me the vintage stuff in the basement is my treat. Happy Tuesday!


  1. sari 26 Jun 2012 Reply

    thanks for sharing your passion, kang. nicely done :)
    Very resourceful and informative. now i know where to look for old things, ups sorry, i mean VINTAGE(beside asking you straight away-LOL)

    always want a blog of my own, but seems like my passion is (still) scattered here and there. haha.

    looking forward for future postings!

    • Author
      luthfi 26 Jun 2012 Reply

      Haloo tx for visiting and commenting, sariii.

  2. Sigit Priwibowo 1 Jul 2012 Reply

    At first I read that you occasion Blok M Square. That’s fine, people go there though not so many. And then I read you go there during your lunch break….. it is rather odd that we have so much in common. We never cross however.

    • Author
      luthfi 1 Jul 2012 Reply

      maybe we took different bus? lol

  3. Hobbit Veve 3 Jul 2012 Reply

    Any recommendation for good eating spots around here? 😛

    • Author
      luthfi 4 Jul 2012 Reply

      To be honest, nothing interesting to my taste…except of course Es Teler 77:)

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