10 Pieces of Art I Would Bring Home

Last weekend I managed to visit Galeri Nasional which was exhibiting Jatim Art Now, an art exhibition by 149 artists from East Jawa. In my humble opinion as an average Indonesian, I must say that I am impressed with the artworks. I think they are world class. As my friend Handoko always says, the choice of art is a personal matter, and here is my personal choice from the exhibition based on: would they go with my vintage pieces?



O wait. Let me count it again. Not 10 but there are 13 artworks that i would love to have in my vintage home and office. See, art can make you a little disoriented and irrational sometimes. My friend Syanda who works as an art curator asked about my preference on painting and i could not really answer. Now those 13 artworks are my answer. For your information, the exhibition will last until the 5th of July, so you will have plenty of time to pick your choice of art and share them with me her. Have an artful week ahead!



  1. jess 21 Mar 2013 Reply

    i stumbled into your web and am currently looking for art pieces. My style is more like the #1, #3 and the last one on this article, do you mind giving me suggestion where to find those pieces or which gallery in Jakarta will have those type of art?
    Also if you know any place where we can discover paintings from new/young talented artist (can be student) that has not been commercialized yet?


    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 21 Mar 2013 Reply

      Hi Jess. Thanks for your email and for dropping by here. I will send a private message to your email address regarding this. Cheers.

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