The Objects of My Affection 2

Here is my vintage collection which i display at home. They are flea market and street finds from Taman Puring, Kebayoran Lama, Jalan Surabaya, Semarang, Saigon, Beijing and Tokyo. I am not into  collecting any particular objects, i just collect what i like when i spot it. Practically random. I was too sometimes confused and therefore made lots of bad judgement –i still do though, flea market situation can be overwhelming you know– but eventually i develop my own taste and interest, so I only take pieces that i think can work with other stuff.

Suitcases from 70’s which i now use for work. Good for laptop as it protects alright.

A framed chinese caligraphy which i don’t bother to understand, and Burung Garuda Pancasila made of tin standing cool in my home. Found in Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring respectively.

A vinyl album of my favorite vintage band Bimbo: Indonesia Antik.

It’s Kodak. Not Polaroid. The camera is in good condition, unfortunately there is no way i can get the film.

One plays piano, one plays tennis. Both girls are pretty ceramic dolls. Collected from two different places: Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring.

My favorite painting by number. Inspired by the famous Lee Man Fong painting, I guess. Found in a sunday flea market in Kemang.

A collage of my vintage collection on my work desk.

Well, now you know what my fetish is. Tell me what yours is and share it with me here. Have a vintageful weekend!


  1. tria 22 Jun 2012 Reply


    • Author
      luthfi 22 Jun 2012 Reply

      hahaahah, msh ada yg jual lho

  2. Wiena Windari 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    Cameranya keren … Itu tas jadi inget jaman bokap gue …

    • Author
      luthfi 22 Jun 2012 Reply

      gw msh pake lho sehari2….

  3. sigit priwibowo 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    Luthfi: udah pernah coba poncol di belakang stasiun KA Senen belum? Huge….

    • Author
      luthfi 23 Jun 2012 Reply

      Udah sering denger tp blm pernah. Share aja disini git:)

  4. maribelle 23 Jun 2012 Reply

    It is great to see you indulging your passion for the beauty of yesteryears and documenting them for future generations who sadly may never see and enjoy them, Luthfi! I am a fan of vintage, your finds and your site! Keep those beauties coming :) By the way, I hope I will be invited to visit your home one of these days . . . just don’t blame me if you’re missing a piece or 5!:) Love your site!

    • Author
      luthfi 23 Jun 2012 Reply

      Wooow tx so much maribelle. How about having breakfast in my home before we hit the flea market next week?

      • maribelle 23 Jun 2012 Reply

        I’m game! Wow, what an honour! Excited . . . I have a feeling you’re hitting the flea market even before next weekend ,leave some for us :) happy hunting!

        • Author
          luthfi 23 Jun 2012 Reply

          that’s not a bad idea, never thought of it hahahahah

  5. Geline 23 Jun 2012 Reply

    Luthfi, now I understand Maribelle’s “Kodak Moment” and Rima’s “straight frames”. Obviously you made such a mark on them, with your blog. As for me, everything about what you showed from your home not only amazed me (because you chose such pieces that defined an era for Indonesia : echo lac suitcases, Binneka Tunggal Eka, Bimbo!), but they all brought back memories of the wonderful life of decades past. God has been good. And He’s good all the time! Looking forward to read more of your brief yet details-rich blog! Keep them coming!

    • Author
      luthfi 23 Jun 2012 Reply

      Thank you sooo much Geline. You know there are so many things that i need to improve in this blog, but knowing that somebody appreciates it really means so much. As I say, look forward and stay vintage:)

      • Geline 24 Jun 2012 Reply

        Love your phrase! Look forward, stay young……..and stay vintage! That’s you dear Luthfi! Congrats!!!!!

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