My Hunting Field 2: Kebayoran Lama

Kebayoran Lama is another flea market I occassionally visit. Just five minutes by ojek from Taman Puring, the place however is not as popular. Not as “cool” and airy either. In fact it is the hottest flea market in south jakarta, literally speaking. Well, to begin with, Kebayoran Lama flea market is not exactly legal from the authority point of view. Therefore there are times when you don’t see many sellers around or they…

are all there but there is only few stuff being displayed because they know at anytime the police can raid and take all the stuff. Anyway, like Taman Puring, there are two areas of the market: outside and inside. The outside market is located right under the flyover from Jln Pakubuwono to Kebayoran Lama. While the inside market is located in the semi permanent shops alongside the railway.

Kebayoran Lama flea market is known more for secondhand goods, including electronic parts such as chargers, and other bits and pieces as well as gems and precious stones. Vintage items are among all these, so you really have to dig to find real vintage. While the area under flyover is more open, chaotic– and bloody hot, the inside market along by the railways is a bit slummy, dark and not for the faint hearted. So if you are into adventures and different experience, this is the place. Did I mention that if you are lucky you can find a rare vintage or antique at unbelievable price? Believe me.


  1. Fanie 21 Jun 2012 Reply

    Ini Deket rumah aku mas…tp blm pernah mampir

    • Author
      luthfi 21 Jun 2012 Reply

      Iyaa, semua org bilang gitu jg dan ga ada yg pernah kesana hahaha

  2. Wiena Windari 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    Gak percaya ada lokasi dengan barang2 unik seperti itu di daerah yang aku tau banget … Emang mata orang beda yach ..
    You look at that with art ..

    • Author
      luthfi 22 Jun 2012 Reply

      mata with art atau mata pemulung? beda2 tipis hahaha

  3. Lilya 2 Jul 2012 Reply

    ya ampun itu cupu warna merah wadah pelembab impor (yg msh syubhat) mengandung plasenta ada juga di sini? Seru. 😀

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