Ten Minutes At Jalan Braga

Bandung never lost its charm. Even in the twilight when the rain was about to drop. Put aside the disturbing traffic jam –blame it on the weekenders from Jakarta– walking down on Jalan Braga is quite enjoyable. The weather is not too hot, the trottoir is wide and clean, the restaurants are plenty and some are interesting, the art deco buildings….

make a nice photo backdrop. And there are these painting shops and sellers alongside the street. Here they got my attention. The paintings being offered are typical paintings I would see in some Rumah Makan Sunda, or in my  childhood homes in Garut and Bogor. O dear, I must have a photographic memory as everything reminds me of my childhood. The photos below were taken during my ten minute visit on Jalan Braga on the way to a friend’s wedding last month.


  1. Dian Hasan 23 Jun 2012 Reply

    Luth, As I’m reading this, I get a lightbulb moment, and I’m thinking that I should guest contribute to Jakarta Vintage on my heritage architecture finds from my recent Sumatra trip, namely Medan, Bukittinggi, and Sawahlunto.

    Let me know if this is a doable idea.

    Together with my son, Max, I’m actually preparing a blog about our Sumatra Adventure Trip. it’s still a major major work-in-progress. But just to get a feel for it, pls visit: http://www.anthropelago.wordpress.com

    ciao, d

    • Author
      luthfi 23 Jun 2012 Reply

      Dian, of course you can! I am sooo honored and excited already now. As I am not as well-travelled as you are, i am sure topics such as architectures in other parts of Indonesia (and the world) will be interesting for many people. I will check out your blog and comment there. Shortly. Thanks bro. Stay vintage:)

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