The Objects of My Affection

Whether you get it as a gift from parents or friends, or you found it in the flea market, collecting vintage –or stocking? —  is always fun and addictive. It seems there is always an excuse to hunt for more, and there are always rooms for new finds.

Well, i am speaking for myself obviously. Anyway, the nice thing about vintage is that every piece tells a story, and you always wonder who was the owner before and why it ended up in the thrift shop such beautiful pieces. Here are some vintage stuff that i have gained from many different sources.

This Garrara turntable comes with an AM/MW radio, or the other way around. Officially belongs to my parents but looks more appropriate in my home, so I would always say it’s mine.

Pretty ceramic fruit bowl, from my mother.

Painting by number, maybe millions of painting like this produced in the 60’s and 70’s and I love it.

A street find, in Taman Puring. I am not sure if it’s vintage though. It just looks vintage and beautiful.

Telephone from Kebayoran Lama, made-in-Brazil Torpedo typewriter and hands ceramics from Bogor, Saigon girl from Saigon, and Mao the great leader from Beijing. A peaceful co-existence.

A signboard made of tin, found in a thrift shop in Kamakura, Tokyo. It says….let me check again what it really says. But for sure a signboard like this i have craved for years. So it doesn’t matter what it’s written.

No, this is not Leica by Hermes. Though i would like to think so as it looks as good. Contessa, made in German. A good find from an old camera shop in Kebayoran Lama. Click!

This camera is broken inside out. Got it for Rp.15K. Not bad for a prop.

Vintage looking chandelier found in Taman Puring. Just perfect for my son’s bed room.

Flower power on enamel plates. Good for eyes and the kitchen.

Photogenic and good looking bicycle found in Semarang.

A nautical looking clock bought in Jalan Surabaya. They call it a ship clock. 

If you too have collection of vintage pieces, please feel free to share with me here. Just email me the photos with your stories. Thanks! Oh the antlers in the first photo is a find in one shop at Taman Puring. There are more antlers in my home than in that shop. Freaky vintage!


  1. Hobbit Veve 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    Ahhh lucunya! Nanti kukirimkan foto-foto beberapa barang hasil buruan di pasar loak. 😀

    • Author
      luthfi 10 Jun 2012 Reply

      Beneran yaaa,ditunggu!

  2. Lilya 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    sort of greener way-of-living. ijin follow blognya ya, Mas Luthfi.
    Aku punya kamera analog Pentax K2, modal blajar motret. Aku bikin dulu fotonya ya. hehehe

    • Author
      luthfi 11 Jun 2012 Reply

      hey, tx for visiting yaa. ditunggu foto n storynya yaa

  3. Wiena Windari 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    Itu sepeda mereka apa dan punya siapa yach ? :-)

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