Vintage Home 1: House of Paintings

Our very first vintage home belongs to Handoko, located in Bintaro, Jakarta. The house is not exactly vintage but the owner gave some vintage touches on the house. In his past time Handoko –an author, photographer, film director, advertising creative director, story teller, host of a radio program…gosh!–

likes to paint with her daughter Masya (o it’s her 8th birthday today, enjoy the day Masya!) that explains why everywhere you go in the house you will see lots of paintings, making it like a gallery. Almost all furniture in the house are vintage or mid century inspired. Cool!


Photos by Handoko



  1. baidi 7 Jun 2012 Reply

    wow ternyata dirumahnya juga vintage, please anglenya yag wide dong biar keliatan lebih vintagenya heheheheee

    • Author
      luthfi 9 Jun 2012 Reply

      Betul, tx masukannya yaaa

  2. tria 13 Jun 2012 Reply

    cari wooden sculpture kayak yg di atas tempat tidur itu dimana ya? daridulu nyari nggak nemu nemu :(

    plus, toples kaleng isi kuping gajah-nya bring back the childhood memories :)

    • Author
      luthfi 14 Jun 2012 Reply

      Wooden sculpture itu kata handoko dapet dari ikea, sbntr lg ada di alam sutra lho

      • tria 18 Jun 2012 Reply

        tuh kan ikea -__- woasyek! semoga lekas datang ke alam sutra!

  3. Solichin 21 Apr 2013 Reply

    Assalamu alaikum wrwb

    Salam Silaturahim Pak Handoko

    saya Solichin, kita ketemu di acara TDA Bandung.


    • Author
      Luthfi Hasan 21 Apr 2013 Reply

      waalaikum salam pak solichin. mas handoko jaga di seminar, yg jaga di blog saya pak:) makasih udah mampir ya:) wassalam.

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