Vintage At Work

Vintage works! That’s what this office has proven. These are photos of an advertising agency in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Is this modern or vintage, or both? Doesn’t matter. It just looks cool. The creative department with custom made hanging lamps as the focal point. The rack is vintage.

Piggy bank painted in white goes along with the hands.

Vintage folded chair found in Ciputat with cushion by Melissa Sunjaya of MyTulisan

Meeting room with vintage french crystal chandelier, and retro gordyn as the backdrop.

A swedish style cupboard takes the center stage in the reception area.

A retro looking Magno radio with a vintage clock that doesn’t really work, but they look nice together.

A custom made chandelier in the meeting room is made of root beer bottles in Semarang. The crystal is from Mayestik.

A royal like chair in purple faux leather and a vintage mirror salvaged in Semarang. The tin plate in between is a street find in Kebayoran Lama.

A provence styled chair is a steal from a Ciruendeu vintage shop. The seat cover is an Ikea.

There is always a room for Marlyn Monroe, even at this office. A sexy find in Kebayoran Lama.

Small, slim and sturdy. The HPL surface is original. From Ciputat.

Creative department during lunch break, except one FA artist in the corner, he must be on diet.

The whole space of digital division. No massive divider among rooms. 

Meeting room with assorted vintage chairs.

Photos by: Abdul Kariim Risyad


  1. Miss No Name 7 Jun 2012 Reply

    wah ONECOMM Indonesia nih!

  2. tria 13 Jun 2012 Reply

    cool workspace for cool people. banyak artworknya vantiani! suka!

  3. kariim 30 Jun 2012 Reply


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