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10 Pieces of Art I Would Bring Home 2

The artist, Bismar Siagian, calls his work “Bizzare”, I call it “unique”. 

SINS Fine Art Exhibition was held for five days at Guddang Gallery, just a block away from my office. Yet I missed to pay a visit and get myself a little art education. Luckily the day after it was closed down for public, I managed to visit the venue and enjoy the paintings, as –to my advantage– the artists have not come to pick up their works.

Sabila Cakra says “Mom Loves Cat More Than Me #2”, I say the cat looks cute.

Here is my personal choice again based on: would they go with my vintage pieces. Oh by the way all the artists were aged between 18 to 22…What a nice surprise, such nice works created by such fresh minds.  Enjoy the artworks and have a restful weekend!

The painting below (“Envy”) by Sidhi Pradipta would really look good in my meeting room, or above the piano at home. Well, I guess it would look good anywhere.

Freezing Smile by Ahmad Agung Ramadya, this is good to cheer up the creative room.

The painting in the center is another Sidhi’s work called “Wrath”. Funny I feel happy when I see it.

Below is another “Bizzare” work by Bismar Siagian. Again not so bizzare to me. The last three paintings belong to Sabila. And one word from me: wow!

My Hunting Field 4: Jalan Surabaya

Jalan Surabaya is the first and only name came to mind when i started developing my interest in antiques (hmm perhaps “antique-like” is more correct) some five years ago. I must admit hunting antiques and vintage here is very pleasant and convenient as they have everything you can think of in the antique department…Everything is displayed quite nicely, very well organized. Well, it is a foreign tourist destination in the first place, and the most mentioned name when people search for antiques in Jakarta and in fact included in the official map and calendar of the tourism board.

Antique pieces in Jalan Surabaya may be a little pricey and might not be real either, but a friendly smile like this is not hard to find.

However, now that I am accustomed to a more “organic” and chaotic choice such as Taman Puring, I find hunting in Jalan Surabaya a little bit too convenient and less challenging. But if you are a more practical kind of person, this is the place to go. Happy hunting!

My Hunting Field 3: Blok M Square

Yes, this unassuming mall is my other hunting ground which i frequently visit, mostly during my lunch break. Here I can spoil my vintage appetite for old books, vintage comics and secondhand magazines as well as cassettes, CD, turntable, vinyl, poster, and some other stuff such as suitcases. With Jakarta’s unfriendly weather and traffic…

…it’s good to have an option to vintage hunt in an air-conditioned space and with conveniences of a mall. Perhaps this rather fancy place is more suitable for –dare I say– the vintage passionistas  (Maribelle, I love your term!).

Old books, secondhand books and magazines they are all here, no more need to be upset when your friends never return them to you.

Omen, a familiar face in the basement 2, specialising in vintage suitcases, vinyls, cassettes, among others.

So if you are in the neighborhood and crave for a quick bite, drop by at Blok M Square. They have hundreds of eating places, cafes, restaurants, as well as ATM arcade, salon, drugstores, hypermarket, well practically everything. As for me the vintage stuff in the basement is my treat. Happy Tuesday!

10 Pieces of Art I Would Bring Home

Last weekend I managed to visit Galeri Nasional which was exhibiting Jatim Art Now, an art exhibition by 149 artists from East Jawa. In my humble opinion as an average Indonesian, I must say that I am impressed with the artworks. I think they are world class. As my friend Handoko always says, the choice of art is a personal matter, and here is my personal choice from the exhibition based on: would they go with my vintage pieces?

O wait. Let me count it again. Not 10 but there are 13 artworks that i would love to have in my vintage home and office. See, art can make you a little disoriented and irrational sometimes. My friend Syanda who works as an art curator asked about my preference on painting and i could not really answer. Now those 13 artworks are my answer. For your information, the exhibition will last until the 5th of July, so you will have plenty of time to pick your choice of art and share them with me her. Have an artful week ahead!

Vintage and the City

Living in an apartment in the heart of the city is both practical and convenient. And the interior design tends to follow accordingly: modern, clean cut, no clutter, and minimalist. This featured apartment in Senayan however is trying to “tone down” the modernism and minimalism and add some vintage, ethnic and quirky touches in the decoration. Here is another vintage invasion in the modern Jakarta, in the home of a Japanese expat, Mr Akira.

A mid century cabinet, a retro telephone, a vietnamese lacquer bowl, and an abstract painting by Kukuh, all go together in the living room.

The jug and vase are …street contribution to the modern apartment.

A dressmaker’s dummy in Indian traditional vest mixes with the giant painting, darken the overly light flooded bed room.

The desk is another mid century piece. And the chair may not look comfortable but it has an iconic presence.

A poster of 1971 Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange owns the work corner.

Antlers, old books, mini statues of budha, a bowl and a retro analog camera, may not match, but they mix well.

A vintage crystal chandelier and a wing chair, both from the 80’s work alright together.

Hope you enjoy this posting. This time around not too vintageful, i know. Have a restful weekend guys:)

The Objects of My Affection 2

Here is my vintage collection which i display at home. They are flea market and street finds from Taman Puring, Kebayoran Lama, Jalan Surabaya, Semarang, Saigon, Beijing and Tokyo. I am not into  collecting any particular objects, i just collect what i like when i spot it. Practically random. I was too sometimes confused and therefore made lots of bad judgement –i still do though, flea market situation can be overwhelming you know– but eventually i develop my own taste and interest, so I only take pieces that i think can work with other stuff.

Suitcases from 70’s which i now use for work. Good for laptop as it protects alright.

A framed chinese caligraphy which i don’t bother to understand, and Burung Garuda Pancasila made of tin standing cool in my home. Found in Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring respectively.

A vinyl album of my favorite vintage band Bimbo: Indonesia Antik.

It’s Kodak. Not Polaroid. The camera is in good condition, unfortunately there is no way i can get the film.

One plays piano, one plays tennis. Both girls are pretty ceramic dolls. Collected from two different places: Kebayoran Lama and Taman Puring.

My favorite painting by number. Inspired by the famous Lee Man Fong painting, I guess. Found in a sunday flea market in Kemang.

A collage of my vintage collection on my work desk.

Well, now you know what my fetish is. Tell me what yours is and share it with me here. Have a vintageful weekend!

My Hunting Field 2: Kebayoran Lama

Kebayoran Lama is another flea market I occassionally visit. Just five minutes by ojek from Taman Puring, the place however is not as popular. Not as “cool” and airy either. In fact it is the hottest flea market in south jakarta, literally speaking. Well, to begin with, Kebayoran Lama flea market is not exactly legal from the authority point of view. Therefore there are times when you don’t see many sellers around or they…

are all there but there is only few stuff being displayed because they know at anytime the police can raid and take all the stuff. Anyway, like Taman Puring, there are two areas of the market: outside and inside. The outside market is located right under the flyover from Jln Pakubuwono to Kebayoran Lama. While the inside market is located in the semi permanent shops alongside the railway.

Kebayoran Lama flea market is known more for secondhand goods, including electronic parts such as chargers, and other bits and pieces as well as gems and precious stones. Vintage items are among all these, so you really have to dig to find real vintage. While the area under flyover is more open, chaotic– and bloody hot, the inside market along by the railways is a bit slummy, dark and not for the faint hearted. So if you are into adventures and different experience, this is the place. Did I mention that if you are lucky you can find a rare vintage or antique at unbelievable price? Believe me.

Belle File on Mid Century Revival

Belle, one of the most stylish interior magazines from Australia issued a special edition in 2001 on the revival of mid century style, and I am lucky to have a copy of the magazine. Thanks to Tera, a secondhand book shop in Taman Puring. When I looked at the content and the photos, i thought i must share them with you as they are amazing, sooo belle…I am sure you agree.

My Hunting Field 1: Taman Puring

My first encounter with Taman Puring began five years ago when i was into collecting cassettes of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pop music. Back then I never really noticed what other stuff this place has to offer. Until i met my best friend Ika last year–– who introduced me and literally took me to the place. (She is herself an Etsy artist, a copy writer, a junker and a picker. Look for her shop vantiani at etsy.com)

Eventually i know that this place is not just selling vintage stuff but also secondhand goods, antiques and practically  anything and everything. Once i saw a used rice cooker being offered among others.

There are two main areas of Taman Puring flea market : the inside, and the outside. In the inside you will find about six permanent shops —mostly specializing in old paintings and chandeliers. While the more fun area is actually located outside, under the tree, on the sidewalk.  Here they sell smaller items such as plates, cups, vases, jewelleries, and as I said : anything and everything. As you can see in the photos here.

Oh there is  actually another area, which is in the second floor of Pasar Taman Puring where all shops specialize on cassettes, CD, laser disc, and vinyls. But that will be featured later.

For those who don’t know where Taman Puring is, please ask Mr Google. If he happens to be inavailable, here is the clue : it is located between Pasar Mayestik and Gandaria. In Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.

Vintage Spotting in The Weekend

Working over the weekend is not exactly my idea of a fun weekend. No one’s idea. Until i filled it with vintage encounters. This is my way of being positive in otherwise an annoying weekend: in between work, i managed to do some vintage spotting and tried to switch off for a while.

First at a super fancy restaurant in Kuningan, followed by a visit at a modern apartment in Senayan, then at a clothing outlet at FX, and ending up in a food court in Gandaria City. Here are some photos of my weekend — which when I look at them again, I forgot what a boring weekend it could become have I had not managed to do vintage spotting and stayed positive. .

In a corner at one of the most happening restaurants in town, Otel Lobby in Kuningan, this pretty poor deer is hung on the wall. Adding drama to the dark interior design of the restaurant. While many people may find it a bit  scary or intimidating, i find it “vintageful” and beautiful. Approved.

The interior of Eat and Eat food court in Gandaria City capitalizes in old doors in fading color. Taking you to the good old days somewhere in the past.

At Rock Inc Indonesia at FX. They sell t-shirts and stuff. The clocks are just a nice decoration.

Vintage props at Rock Inc Indonesia, not typical approach for a cloth shop, but it works!

Look forward and stay vintage:)